Friday, February 12, 2010

More conversations from The Fibro

WHAT I TALKED ABOUT THIS WEEK: I’ve decided that every Friday I'll share some of the topics of conversation that came up through work or play (I'll leave it to you to figure out which) in the course of life in a pink fibro.

The colour of Yoda’s lightsaber, how to use the caps lock button on the keyboard, roofing materials, interior design, the local paper, Council’s potential new bin system, the new Principal, my sister’s carpets, decking boards, my B-I-L’s new business, Tony Abbott, losing weight, learning to run (decided not to), life in Italy, wine, lack of wine, Mr6’s new readers, how to hem trousers (answer: get someone else to do it), twitter, Angus & Robertson, Children’s Panadol, doing a budget, cleaning out the fridge, insulation, Peter Garrett, investing in classic cars, the Edinburgh Tattoo, the rain, the rain, the rain, the heat.

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