Monday, June 18, 2012

About that moving house thing

The final week is upon us. By the end of it, Fam Fibro will have upped sticks and resettled elsewhere. I underestimated just how unsettling this would be from a writing perspective. Somehow, I thought, I would manage to produce whimsical little blog posts about life whilst walls of cardboard boxes built up around me.

I was wrong.

I cannot think about anything but boxes. Packing boxes. Moving boxes. Unpacking boxes.

So I'm giving up on pretending to be a blogger this week. Instead I will be a wannabe-blogger. I will compose pithy posts in my head as I wrap my glassware in newspaper. I will apply SEO to my headlines as I cull the pantry. I will imagine perfect images as I dust down the blinds and sweep away cobwebs (not that I ever had any).

And I will be back next week with the real thing.

In the meantime, I'll be tweeting and writing fascinating status updates on my Facebook page. Oh, and a word about Facebook - if we're friends via the Fibro Facebook page, I need to let you know that I won't be updating that page after today. If you'd like to stay in touch on Facebook, please visit me at my official Allison Tait page. It's very... officially unofficial.

Thank you so much for sharing my years at the Fibro with me. I'm really happy that I get to take its spirit to my new home.


  1. Happy moving Al - nothing like piles of boxes needing to be unpacked to make you feel like a nomad! Not surprised your blogging mojo has fled the ship!

  2. I've got boxes all over my house at the moment too. But I'm not moving, my eldest son is. So I'm not doing the packing or the unpacking, just the side-stepping! (and the hand-clapping!)

    All the best with your move.

  3. We are having our house revalued today for a bank thinga-ma-jig. Freshly minted 2 year old is undoing all the stuff I just did. We're like a cartoon - me decluttering, he cluttering.
    Hats off to anyone who decides to move house. It's a lot of work, the tidying, cleaning, packing, unpacking but it will be worth it in the end. You'll always be Mrs Fibro though. x

  4. Replies
    1. PMSL. I know. I'm the only person who's ever done it and it's taken me about 75 years! I'll be glad to talk about something else too!

  5. Having just lived through a move Al, I knew that the good times would have to end and there reality of the enormous task ahead would soon crash down. Use the pain, don't lose focus, and don't throw all that important last minute stuff into a bag you'll never find again. Like the allen keys. Go you!

  6. Happy Moving! I know how you feel - moving is so consuming! Just remember on moving-in day, make the beds up straight away - you will be so grateful at the end of the long day! Elisa x

  7. Bye, bye Fibro. I look forward to hearing about the next leg of the journey. x

  8. Moving is Hell dressed in cardboard. Normality has stepped out the window.

    One day (soon!), Normality will walk in again, and you'll look around and see more Home than cardboard. Then, and only then, will you settle in front of the keyboard again.

    We'll be here. x

  9. Go well, dear Fam Fibro.

    I'm so excited!! x

  10. Here's a tip or two from someone who moved every two years with small kids.
    Keep one box separate with things like cups, ketttle, teaspoons, coffee, sugar and teabags.
    Make sure the boxes with bedlinens are very clearly labelled.
    At the new place get the beds set up and fully made first thing, along with the tea/coffee things in the kitchen.
    That way when things get overwhelming you can have a cuppa and a little lie down before getting going again. Favourite (or new) books or small toys (hand-held games) MUST go in your car with you for the kids, to keep them occupied whrn they've had enough of unpacking and sorting.

  11. having lived in 31 houses in my 45 years - six in the last three years - I have some experience here too :) like Rivers tips above - very sensible :)plus a change of clothes in that separate box - go to it you good thing :) you can do it and we will wait for your return from box wilderness :) best le xox

  12. I can;t say I like moving, but it will be great when you are finished, it always is!

  13. Good luck with the move!! I've been following those updates on FB. Oh the joy of a box. Just not 20,000 of them....

  14. Good luck with the move Al! I can't wait to read all about it along with the new fodder that it brings to your blog :)

  15. Good luck with the rest of the move, Al. It's a stresser, isn't it? So looking forward to hearing about your new life in your new pink-fibro-spirited house. x

  16. I'm missing my LIAPF updates :) Hope you finish unpacking soon!

  17. “I cannot think about anything but boxes. Packing boxes. Moving boxes. Unpacking boxes.” – Yup, boxes could give you nightmares when moving to a new house. Packing and unpacking is exhausting, but it still remains one of the main concerns of the event. Can I say “Ugh?” :D

    Ericka Muldowney

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