Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A blog post about nothing

Yesterday, Maxabella posted a post about all the posts that make her cringe. One of them was the post about nothing. The post you write about the fact you've got nothing to write about. If you have nothing to write about, says Maxabella, don't write.

Generally, I agree with Maxabella on most things blogging. We share a similar opinion of much of what goes on in the blogosphere, even if she writes about it and I don't (oh, the irony). But I don't agree with her on this. (Yes, I will write about nothing, but not about some things... we can discuss in another post.)

Posts about nothing can be the best posts ever. Depending, of course, on how they're written.

I have to say this, you see, because I've discovered that a healthy proportion of Fibro posts are posts about nothing. So much so, that I was once described as the 'Seinfeld of blogging', which (after I finished laughing), I have to tell you, I took as a compliment.

So, to further compound my error in writing so often about nothing, I have created a list of some of my posts about nothing.

What a body of work.

Writing on Empty

A blog about not much

The Clayton's Blog Post

The Blinking Cursor

Less Is Sometimes More

A blog post decided by Twitter

I could go on. But I won't.

Before I began this post about nothing, I had nothing to say. Now I have a whole post.

My work here is done.

Do you write about nothing? Do posts about nothing make you cringe? Are there times you'd rather write about nothing than write about some things?

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  1. I really have nothing to say........:)

  2. She shoots, she scores!! Love your work Al!

  3. You are indeed the Seinfeld of blogging. Only much better looking and far less wooden.


  4. Sometimes post about nothing can be therapeutic for the writer, even if they're boring/irrelevant to the reader.

    1. I agree Krystle. I feel so much better having got that out of my system!

  5. Hi there, I'm Rachael...reading your blog for the first time. I happened to read Maxabella's said post last night and loved it! ...and reading yours just now is the perfect 'nothing post! I love nothing posts, they are the ones always filling up my headspace that I never get a chance to sit down and write out (single working mum of a 2 and a half year old). Just read a few more of your posts and instantly saved you into my follow list! Xx

  6. I wondered when I read Maxabellas post if a post about nothing was better than no post at all. At the moment Im not writing, not because I have nothing to say but just because I cant seem to formulate the words for a whole post. Maybe a nothing post is just what I need to get back into the habbit.

  7. A most excellent set of exceptions to the "rules". I couldn't write about nothing so eloquently. That is a true art.

  8. Some of the best writing pieces are about nothing, like kicking a tin can around. Insight and good writing are key though, too often people post from the interior of their own belly buttons.

  9. I was just thinking you're seinfeld and then you said it. love this.

  10. Well I just read all you nothing for the first time and I loved it.
    Glad your nothing always turns out to be really something :)xx

  11. I think you hit the nail on the head when you mentioned the fact that nothing posts have to be well written. Then they are special posts about nothing. Otherwise they are just nothing posts about nothing..... I love your nothing posts! And agree also about you being Seinfeld.

    Take care.

  12. I loved Seinfeld and I love your posts! I however could not pull of these type of posts, I think to do so you need to have great writing skills.

  13. Nothing usually becomes something, once the writing starts.

  14. I love that these nothing posts can show so much personality. They seem to take on a life of their own, and become a great big something!

  15. The Seinfeld of blogging? That is definitely a compliment :) x

  16. I'm not sure I've ever written a post about something. Eek.

  17. I often write about nothing, simply because I feel compelled to write. Not for anyone else but for me. Sometimes my posts that are about nothing end up the funniest ones.

  18. I'd rather read a post about nothing than one about reality TV. I'd be flattered if my writing was ever compared to Seinfeld. It isn't really about nothing. Its about the absurdities in everyday life.
    Mumabulous @http://mum-abulous.com

  19. I much prefer to read a post about nothing than no post at all. Days of no posts on a blog is like dead air on the radio. I don't like it when bloggers go 'missing', an honest 'I've not got much to say but I'm still here. Still thinking about you readers' is ok by me.

  20. Ha ha! Just found this. My Seinfeld comment was definitely meant as a compliment. Glad you took it that way! I have absolutely no ability to write about nothing. Except sometimes in blog comments. Like this one. Stopping now. x


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