Tuesday, February 26, 2013

One thing you never knew about me

You may have noticed an emphasis on writing posts around here lately. This is not because I've decided to renovate the Fibro and go all 'Write In A Pink Fibro' on you. Nor is it because I'm out drinking G&Ts (despite what the image may suggest) while sharing my front room with a dazzling array of guest posters and Q&A victims subjects.

Rather, I've been writing. I've finished the children's book I began back in November with NaNoWriMo (and when I say finished, I mean written, edited, redrafted). I've done some work on my second novel. I've held Allison Dobell's hand while she began a second book. Oh, and with the boys back at school I've been hitting the features hard as well, writing, pitching, writing, pitching (and so it goes on).

My focus is firmly on writing, and so the blog becomes focussed in that direction too. I'm looking forward to a time when I can pull my head out of my, er, manuscript and stop writing about writing, asking questions about writing, and, well, just write again. It might be time to bring back Alla Hoo Hoo (if I can track her down in Sydney).

I also have some news to share regarding my novel Talk of The Town, which is due out in June. Due to the vagaries of publishing, the novel has been rescheduled, with a date later this year to be decided. I hope you don't mind waiting just a little longer. I'll keep you posted!

But I promised you something new, didn't I? One thing you never knew about me. Well here it is.

I draw smiley faces on my hard-boiled eggs so that I can tell them apart from the uncooked ones.

What's one thing that we don't know about you?


  1. Aaargh how frustrating about your book ... But re the boiled eggs - genius!

  2. Love that tip for boiled eggs! Have really been enjoying your writing posts - I'm not doing very much writing these days, but it's nice to read about people who are. xK

  3. Love the eggs - great idea and I love the writing posts. As for your book, damn! But I will wait.
    One thing that you don't know about me? I dislike whistling. Miss 7 has just learned to whistle and it is driving me batty! Goes straight through my ears like fingernails on a chalkboard.

  4. I hate when the work you do is controlled by an outside force ugh! Me? Ive always harboured a secret desire to be a back up dancer in a film clip...I fear Ive missed the boat.
    I like your writing about writing.

  5. What an exciting and busy year coming up Al. Me? I flip my pillow to get to the "cold side" - try it, you'll never look back.

  6. What an exciting, challenging year! Good luck with everything. My thing no-one knows? I have an almighty crush on Wallander. Swedish version character.

  7. Love your egg faces!! Such a cool idea:)


  8. My hard boiled eggs don't have time to sit in the fridge and smile at me - they are eaten while still warm.

    1. LOL! But just think - when you're next boiling those breakfast eggs, you could pop in two extras and - voila! Sandwich filling, tasty addition to tuna salad, lunchbox addition. And smiley faces in the fridge. Just saying.

  9. The smiley eggs made me smile! I have never boiled an egg in my life - there's something you didn't know about me! If I do, I will put smiley faces on them. Fo'shiz.

  10. Help, Emily needs a lesson on egg boiling, the things you learn in comments. Glad you're writing as well as writing about writing... you sound like you're being a library of writers in one woman. Bad luck on the delayed novel - the vagaries of publishing. But I think there's great thirst for writerly inside info, as you purvey.

    Although more on hard boiled eggs always welcome.

  11. Allison, you inspire me so! You are a writing machine :))))
    How you are able to focus on, and complete so many different types of writing at one stage fascinates me. I'm so caught up with the editing & re-writing process of my children's picture book - that my other 'writing projects' are suffering. I submitted an article for a local magazine and as soon as I pressed send I knew it wasn't 'good enough'....because I was still in a 'children's - airy - light' frame of mind, which was NOT right for this type of article. How you do it all Allison is AMAZING!!!!
    Thanks for keeping me going with motivation and inspiration.

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  13. Doesn't everyone draw smiley faces on the hard boiled eggs?

    It also helps to draw smiley faces on the hard bits of life, I find. x

    1. Maybe this is another of those genetic things?

  14. PS - just read the comment above mine. They are open to doing an annual banner ad with exclamation mark, Al. Get in there! Quick! x

    1. I know! It's hard to resist! And now I have to leave the comment there to forever preserve this conversation!

  15. I feel compelled to tell you that when I need a kick in the writerly pants, I visit your blog - just so I can see what a proper hardworking professional writer is able to do with HER time. You never fail to galvanise me. So thank you!



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