Monday, May 27, 2013

Dealing with The Block

Do you ever suffer from Blogger's Block? It's not a common thing for me, but when it hits, it hits hard. To the point where my mind looks something like this: [                                 ]. Not pretty is it?

There are a few tricks I use when The Block rears its ugly head. One is to simply start writing. About anything.

To whit, the opening line of this post.

Usually, if I'm working on a book or an article or some other form of writing, I simply switch projects. My good friend Allison Dobell is currently working on her second novel, and I find that to be a nice distraction when a heavy, research-based feature story, for instance, is not coming together.

Blogging is somehow different. It doesn't seem to matter what I distract myself with, the blink-blink-blink of the cursor remains. Perhaps it is because blogging is so personal. If your brain is blank and you're essentially writing about yourself, you know you've got problems.

Another trick I try is a good, long walk. This has the benefit of both clearing my mind and shrinking my butt. Walking around the block usually clears The Block. (As does weeding, but we won't bring out my gardening/writing metaphors today.)

I'd like to be one of those bloggers who has a list of ideas at the ready at all times. But the truth is that I generally sit down with little to no idea of what I'm going to post that day (unless it's a Q&A, of course... have I ever mentioned how much I love Q&As?). This leaves me to be all footloose and freewheeling on a good day.

And leaves me stuck in quicksand on the bad ones.

Like now.

Time to put my shoes on for a walk...

How do you deal with Blogger's Block?


  1. I like it when you have Blogger's block and you crowd source your blog post!

    1. Oh yes! I like that too. Wish I'd thought of it today.

  2. At least you still blog. When I have Blogger's block I switch off the computer, go eat some chocolate and don't blog for a month. Your version is much better.

  3. The worst thing about Blogger's Block is the longer you leave it the harder it gets, like there's too much left unsaid to pick up again. I find saying anything at all usually helps.

  4. Get the camera out. When you go walking take photos of things. I had a block and joined up with the blog everyday in May, it gave me great ideas for two weeks - and then I was fine so I stopped the blog every day in May thingo...there's an idea - unfinished projects, you can write about that...

  5. Mmmmmmm... I just write or don't write. Then sulk. That usually helps. :) You could always outsource to a guest blogger, that hides the block!

  6. I am still relatively new to the blogosphere (about 8 mths) and I deliberately didn't go out too hard for fear I couldn't hack the distance. I only post once a week and I always have a couple of posts up my sleeve for rainy (bloggers block) days. I am in awe of anyone who maintains a blog (and a high quality one at that) and manages to raise kids and hold down a career too. I am just hoping to celebrate my one year anniversary - anything beyond that will be a bonus :-) PS Totally agree about inspiration hitting whilst walking. There's something about pounding the pavements with that pram that incites some creative ideas...

  7. I definitely go through dry spells. I am in one right now.

  8. Yes, I had this one last week with my new blog! Hence the first blog post went something like..."Where to begin...?" Just writing helps. I write something. Anything. And before I know it I have a stash of posts ready to come flying out. If you have time, please come and visit my new blog :)

  9. I find when I am exhausted, which seems to be a lot lately, I have zero ideas in my head. It is all foggy. After a good night sleep - or some daytime cat naps, I am ready to go again. I am also into a theme mood at the moment, so Tuesday is Trendy Tuesday and Sunday is Sports Sunday and Wednesday is Wordless Wednesday. THis makes it a bit easier in my sleep deprived state.


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