Friday, April 5, 2013

So, I have this new newsletter

You might notice something new about the Fibro blog today - see that fresh, pretty little box over there to the right? It's the sign-up for my new monthly newsletter.

Designed by Kelly Exeter at Swish Design, it's a stylish little one-pager, which will feature the most popular Fibro posts of the month, book news, writing tips, exclusive extra content, giveaways and some of my favourite bits and pieces from around the internet. Writing, reading, WAHM and whimsy.

Why do a newsletter? I'm glad you asked, as this is a question I have asked myself several times over the past year or so. I have been galvanised into action by the demise of Google Reader, the generally more-sporadic nature of my posts here at the Fibro, and the fact that I have so many different projects on the go at present.

I'm working on my first newsletter right now, and I'm planning to send them out on the 15th of each month. If you'd like to have me land in your inbox once a month, pop your email address in the sign-up box and I'll get my parachute ready.

Tally ho!

What do you like to see in a newsletter? What do you hate? I promise to take all comments on board!

[image: Stolen from Maxabella]


  1. You had me at one pager. Can you talk to the office folks at our primary school? Our newsletter averages 5 double sided pages of drivel. EVERY. WEEK. *sigh*

  2. Yay and congrats! Lots of writing tips and inside knowledge would be great!

  3. Hello, a good idea I think. Sometimes I just forget my Google Reader, which is going anyway, in fact I haven't checked it for days and days. I love a MONTHLY newsletter... when I get each post someone writes it doesn't take me long to become hysterical and unsubscribe. Mine get sent out weekly on Saturdays.. all automatic and that's working for me OK ie I don't have to do a thing!

    But a proper newsletter is probably a good idea, especially to promote books, and judging on the latest royalties figures from my publisher, it's time to promote!

  4. Cake. My newsletters always include cake.

  5. Excellent idea Al. I look forward to it! x

  6. Sounds fascinating! Can't wait to see what goes in...

  7. Sounds great Allison!

    I must admit I am completely bamboozled by all these changes. I've have never used Google Reader and didn't even know it existed until recently when I heard it was going so I think I'll just carry on as normal.

    Look forward to reading your newsletters :-D

    Mel x

  8. Yay! Done :)
    I've also just started a newsletter on my Author Website, for details on my upcoming book launch :) Exciting, busy times!

  9. all signed up and looking forward to it. i put off a newsletter for over a year and finally did it this month - why i waited i don't know

  10. Done looking forward to reading it. I am new at this, but having a great time.


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