Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I’m raising Buzz and Woody…

It being school holidays and me being the candidate for Mother of the Year that I am, today I took the boys to the park. As I watched them in action – sliding, climbing, jumping, fighting, throwing bread at the poor overfed ducks sinking on the pond – one thought went through my mind: I'm raising Buzz and Woody.

If you haven’t seen a Toy Story movie (and I can’t begin to imagine how this could be so), Buzz Lightyear and Woody are the space ranger/cowboy characters at the centre of the franchise. And, it appears, at the centre of my home.

Mr6 is a lonesome, sentimental cowboy singing at the moon (he'll now proudly tell you he can play four notes, one chord AND two half-chords on the guitar). He's gangly, thoughtful, a little bit serious, a little bit funny, cautious and loyal to a fault.

Mr3, on the other hand, throw himself into everything ('to infinity and beyond'). He believes he can fly – and usually does (not actual flying, but in the metaphorical sense) because he's so unafraid to try. He's a stocky little soul with an engaging smile and was at the front of the line when they were handing out charm.

You can tell they're brothers, because they share a lot of traits too – mostly cheekiness, but we won't go there now. But they emerged into the world as total individuals and that's how they've remained.

I shouldn't be surprised that they're so different. Talk to sisters B and C, myself and brother TICH now that we're older, and it's hard to believe sometimes that we were raised in the same house. Mostly because we remember it so differently. Each of us has our own perspective on certain vivid memories of childhood and (as previously discussed) I'm lucky they were there because half the time I don't remember any of it!

Again, you can tell we're all related. There's a look, a wry sense of humour, a certain cynical take on the world, that binds us all together. But we also bring our own personalities and opinions (such a lot of opinions!) to the mix.

I sometimes wish I'd had more kids. Perhaps a Hamm or a Slinky – even a Bo Peep? – to add different voices to my brood. It might have made the differences between my two less obvious. But I console myself with the fact that Buzz and Woody are best mates. To infinity and beyond.

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  1. It's funny how our perceptions differ isn't it? My brothers and I all remember our childhoods very differently as well. And I understand what you mean about your precious little crew. They are lucky to have each other.
    PS Mother of the Year Finalist for sure!

  2. Well, pull my string (as Woody would say), this has me tearing up. I hope they'll continue to be best buds, teaming up to fight the Sids of the world. =>

  3. Al I failed at the mother of year thing long long ago so leaving that title to you.
    Funny how kids from one family can be so different. I have four very different people in this house. Their most common trait would be the piss taking trait I guess

  4. What blew me away first in this post was the similarity with my own boys (have I said this before?)...my 5yo is the more serious rule-follower (until he doesn't), very grounded, somewhat predictable. My 3yo is all Buzz Lightyear - charisma times 1000, without fear, looking for ways to move above and beyond. On the other topic, I love the fact that memories are so tenuous, that my sister and I rarely remember things the same way...and that seems just about right to me!

  5. Hope you took lots of pics at the park. Am glad you're documenting their childhood because they will definitely have differing memories as they age. My kids whoa are almost 10, 12 and 14 have vastly different memories of a family holiday to Thredbo taken just last year - so much so that I find myself asking myself if the five of us were really on the same holiday. Like you, my siblings and I have vastly different memories from growing up in the same household...scary, hey?
    I just hope my kids remember me for something more than holding a glass of wine regularly in my hand at 6pm!

  6. Careful, you just might get me considering a Buzz for my Woody!

  7. Yes, it never ceases to amaze me how the same parents can produce such different children...and they come out with their personalities pretty much formed. My friend has 5 and they are all so different, like endless permutations on a theme. But the underlying theme is the same.

    My sister and I have different memories too of growing up but with us, it's usually me who fills in the gaps for her.

    Your Woody and Buzz sound cute. Roll on Toy Story 3.

  8. My first son was a Mr Potato Head (9 pounds 2 ounces old scale). Detachable facial features would have made the birth easier.

  9. Trouble is, your Buzz and Woody will go the way of Andy and you will miss them so. Cheeky moments get even less charming. I took my Buzz and Woody to the park the other day. Woody was pushing his Bo Peep in the swing and Buzz bumped his head on the bar above. His voice was the deepest one there. Bittersweet.

  10. I can so relate to this my Mr2 and Mr1 are very different and you can already tell Mr1 is going to be much more Buzz than Woody - I still marvel that they are so different but like you can tell they are going to have a lot in common. If only we could have 2 more without the extra months of sleep deprivation, illness and nappies just to see some more brilliantly unique personalities get created...
    Nicole x

  11. I really do love this post. Happy SITS day!



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