Thursday, September 23, 2010

Let's talk about meme, shall we?

Some time ago (and I won't admit to exactly how long ago as I'd like us all to remain friends) Shelley from My Shoebox Life and Allison (cool name) at Melbourne Mumma both threw Kreativ Blogger awards in my direction. This made me feel a) chuffed and b) worried, as part of the whole thing is to a) put the award button on my blog (and we all know how useless I am at anything technical) and b) come up with seven things about me that you don't know.

In an aside, I am kind of glad I can't do the button thing because the spelling of this award bothers me. Mia Freedman's post about the 'creative' spelling of children's names resonated with me. I have two Ls in my name and it has meant a lifetime of spelling it out slowly - imagine how I'd go if I was Alisoun (as per Wife of Bath), or Ailysun. I'm all about correct spelling. Although I do now believe that the only way to correctly spell Allison is with two Ls (*ducks for cover*).

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes. It's taken me several weeks a little while to come up with seven things, but here they are.

1. I was born in Papua New Guinea.

2. I went to five different primary schools.

3. I can read upside down.

4. I once played the role of 'The Artful Dodger' in Oliver and can still high kick my way through 'Consider Yourself'.

5. I did ballet for ten years and danced en pointe. My feet still hate me for it.

6. I kissed my first boy at the age of seven, and then didn't bother again for ten years.

7. I don't like skirts. Or heels. Or anything that slows me down.

So, technically, I'm now supposed to hand over my meme to others. But I'm not good at chain letters (and yet I'm still here), so all I'm going to do is share seven blogs that I love. Not Kreativ, I know, but there you have it. The list does not include MaxabellaLoves and AndThenThereWereFour because, although they are my first reads every day, they are also my sisters. I'm not related to anyone on this list.

1. So now what? - life, sliced and diced.
2. Deer Baby - the most beautiful writing.
3. Not Drowning Mother - irreverent. Will make you snort coffee out your nose.
4. My Fluffy Bunnies - the haikus get me every time.
5. Ah, The Possibilities - sweet, and funny, and topical.
6. The Lark - I am a handmade person masquerading in a klutz's body.
7. A Country Farmhouse - this is what my life in the country should look like.

Visit them. You'll love them. And now I'm heading off to teach Alla Hoo Hoo the words to 'Consider Yourself'. What imaginary friend wouldn't love a song like that?

{image: michaelmaule/etsy}

In another spectacular display of Failure To Add The Button, I'm flogging my blog today with Lori at RRSAHM - pop over and visit, because you can never read enough great blogs.


  1. I'd love to see you do point.

    Eleanor is wafting round the house in a tutu saying "I, Angelina". At first I thought I should get her a vial with blood in it to go round her neck, some tattoos and a goateed second-hand husband, but then I realised she meant the dancing mouse. I can see you as the Artful Dodger - why does that not surprise me. But look what happened to Jack Wild.

    You must have worn heels and skirts at Vogue surely. Sometimes? Or did you go all Katherine Hepburn?

    As you know I used to spell my name with two L's. Sometimes I think I still do. My maiden name was very easy to spell - I never ever had to spell it out ever. But now it's a pain in the proverbial.

    Thanks for the plug.

    P.S. I'm ashamed to admit I couldn't mark Papua New Guinea on a map.

  2. @Deer Baby - I forgot that you were a slimmed-down double L. Don't worry re PNG - that's what Google is for. :-)

  3. Im with you on the skirts and heels thing. I really wish heels didn't slow me down, I wish I could run in high heels but all I can do is howl if I wear them more than the five minutes it takes me to get out of the house. Shoe of choice? Flip flops. Now, if only I lived in the tropics...

  4. Five primary schools? Crikey, that's almost one for every new year. And I learned 8 new things about you because I didn't realise who your sisters were ;)

  5. Well how about that, born in PNG? My cousin was too (my uncle was a teacher there in the late 1960's.....)

    Al, I am with you on the creative with a k. Totally.


  6. I think we need video proof of that high kicking claim...

  7. Five primary schools? That's more than me! As for the spelling thing, i'm with you!

  8. Ahhh but my name is not spelt your traditional "English" way...what if your name is spelt the traditional way for another country?
    I have a very common name, but it's spelling is different and it's traditional to my heritage (as my grandparents were born oversea's). However i don't get too angry if people spell it the usual way, unless it's an official document or someone who will be writing my name a bit i leave it.

    Ohhh i now have that song in my head. I love The Artful Dodger. Tell me you did the accent too?

  9. @x0xJ - I am not nameist, I promise. All traditional spellings from any country are welcome. It's the 'can I buy a consonant' addition of random vowels and The Bold and The Beautiful influence I rail against. As for the Artful Dodger - but, of course! My very best Aussie Cockney accent. :-)

  10. Nope, didn't learn anything new from those 7. But I LOVED the quotes you put on my blog this morning. I hadn't heard a couple of them, so maybe that will do for 'new things' today.

    And you were a GREAT Dodger, Al. Dare I say, you were artful? x

  11. The 'creative' spelling of children's names annoys me just as much as 'alternative' names such as Apple & Sparrow. How much flak are these kids going to get later in life, simply because their parents thought it was a cool name at the time? I just don't get it. Apologies in advance to those who have named their children in such ways :)

  12. I did not know some of my fave bloggers are related! WOW.

    PS I have heels as well.

  13. I didn't know about the kiss. I'm thinking the fact that I was three at the time meant that you didn't share? You know that I was swallowed by John West when I was 9. That scared me off for a fairly long time too :)

    Thanks for the plug and congrats on the Award! Totally deserved.

  14. The Artful Dodger, hey? Impressive.

    I played The Little Drummer Boy in Year 2 - simply because none of the boys could keep a beat. Well, that's what I've been telling myself all these years. It was either that or my teacher thought I looked like a boy...bummer...

  15. Snap! I went to five primary schools too! At one point, I changed three times on 6 months. I slowed down to a leisurely three highschools, however.

    Thanks so much for tagging me. I'd say more but I'm doing this by iPhone from my stopover accommodation on the Roadtrip To Hell.

  16. Thank you for thinking up 7 things! I did read this earlier...just have been having a blogging break (writing and reading). It makes perfect sense to me that MaxabellaLoves is your sister! Lovely ladies :)


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