Friday, December 3, 2010

Weekend Rewind

It's that time of the week - time to dust off a favourite old post and give it a good airing at the Fibro. Weekend Rewind is all about giving your archives a second chance at comment love, and I'm loving the mixed tape of posts you guys come up with each week. Feel free to grab my button (see how casually I said that?) and share the linky love.

I confess that this week I will be unwinding in the Big Smoke and not back until Sunday, but rest assured I will visit all the linkys then - looking forward to it! In the meantime, get ready, get set, go. Let the world's easiest linky begin (and don't forget that Jen at The King and Eye has a fortnightly linky called Blog Gems that lets you share some cross-hemisphere linky love).

This week, as I'm out of the Fibro, I thought I'd share a little tale about the time I left the Fibro - and ended up examining love toys in a friend's living room. The linky is open all weekend - don't forget to visit a few links and give back a little lovin'!


  1. Is it sad that I was thinking all yesterday evening about which post I would add today?? Jen

  2. Thanks for hosting Pink Fibro! I love this linky :) And Jencull, yes, it is sad... but I have been doing the same thing! :p

  3. crumbs, is it the weekend again already?? Where are these weeks going??
    Anyway, my rewind post comes from earlier this week - it's an old family recipe - and trust me, it is sooo worth it. I'll be making at least another 4 batches before xmas...just cos :-)
    have a great weekend xxxCate

  4. One of the best things about this is that it reminds me what I have written hopefully I won't repeat myself!

  5. Have fun in the Big Smoke! The weather aint too conducive but I hope you powered on anyway :)

  6. Sorry I have put in a new post and then realised it should be an older one. Forgive me for this week. Have my son's birthday party today got a few things to organise. Thanks for hosting. Charmaine

  7. Have fun in the Big Smoke, although not much smoke due to constant wet weather.

    Thanks for hosting Weekend Rewind. I really love visiting all of the 'chosen' posts. Great reading. x

  8. I'm in again :) And I'm with Cate - these are coming around very quickly

  9. Love this meme. There's just something about a cassette tape ... and a post you've already written. =>

    Hope you're living it up in the Big Smoke! (And hope you find time for a nap when you get home.)

  10. Running a bit late this week. Hope you had a lovely weekend :-)


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