Friday, December 10, 2010

Weekend Rewind

Can you believe it's the weekend already? This time of year, the weeks roll around so fast. Which is fantastic when you're waiting eagerly for Weekend Rewind, world-famous* vintage post linky.

So, time to produce another fabulous mixed tape of classic posts. All you have to do is become a Friend of Fibro (if you haven't already joined the gang), dust off one of your favourite old posts - you know, the ones that simply didn't get the love that they deserved - and join up. Oh, and don't forget to share the comment love with other linkyers.

That simple. Love your work!

Speaking of simple, don't you love those crafty types who make whipping up a cushion cover and knocking out a Christmas wreath look simple? I do. I love them. I'm very simply not one of them. This week's Fibro post is all about how the craft gene by-passed me all together.

That's it - have a great weekend and don't forget to visit Jen at The King and Eye for some cross-hemisphere linky love. Yes, another opportunity to air your archives. For which we should all be grateful - and go and share the feeling at MaxabellaLoves. So much linky love.

*in the sense that people in the world know about it


  1. Look at me. I've been sitting here just staring at my sidebar waiting for Life in a Pink Fibro to update so I could POUNCE! Er... not quite, but maybe... x

  2. PS - and you're doing new side bar actions! Clever you. x

  3. OH, I love that - those you can, make. Those who can't, buy. Yup, I'm a buyer.

  4. I need to apologise, my internet went down last weekend and I never made it to all the posts, sorry everyone. Will make up for it this week:) Jen

  5. You are so wonderful for hosting this each week. x

  6. I keep forgetting to join in here. But this week..I'm in!

    Thanks lovely. xx

  7. I'm linking up a post from earlier in the week (a 'we play' post) because I was so impressed with myself for not only taking a video, but also figuring out how to upload it!! Oh, and Snowbear did a good job too :-) xxxCate

  8. You know, I go back over my site looking for a post to include here, and I pretty much think all of my old stuff is crap! Ha! It's just inspiration to keep on slogging through, waiting for the muse. She's got to visit soon, right? =>

  9. Ahh...great idea! Thanks for the opportunity to share an old Blog Post :-)

    xx Jazzy


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