Monday, February 7, 2011

How (not) to exercise

Today I caved in and joined a gym. Despite my last post on this subject. Despite my vows to walk and cycle, because I like exercising under my own steam, in my own time, outside.

At the end of the day, I wasn't doing those things. Oh sure, I walk. Several times a week. Have been doing so for years. But it's just not working like it was. I've got fitness and fatness issues. I'm not fit and I'm putting on weight. Which would be fine if I was happy with that. But I'm not.

So today I caved in and joined a gym.

And then... I didn't exercise.

That walk I usually enjoy on Mondays? I didn't attempt that walk. Because I've joined a gym. And somehow that was enough for one day.

Houston, I think we have a problem.

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  1. Ha! Sounds like something I might do! My suggestion? Sign up or something totally bombastic like, I don't know, a 100km trek along the coast of Sydney. And then get others to join you. And then tell everyone you know on Twitter and Facebook that you're doing it. Quite the motivator, it turns out. ;)

  2. Uh Oh.

    5am starts?


    It's all I've got.

    That or the Couch to 5km?

  3. That's so you! Actually, that's so everybody! I have a friend who drives 2 blocks to go to her Zumba class. Weird.

    Now, don't give up those walks, Al. That's your thing. And, don't worry, you'll be in 'total shape' soon enough. x

  4. I joined a gym late last year, exercised for a week or two and then got sick and took almost a month to recover. Then it was school holidays and Christmas, then a ridiculous heatwave. I've probably only been 6 times in the past 2 months.

    I'm planning to go again tomorrow. I know I should. I know that I need to (because of the same fitness/fatness issues that you mentioned). I know I should want to go to the gym. So many people seem to get a real buzz from exercising, but I admit that I just don't get it. The gym bores me to tears. Five minutes on a treadmill and I'm already counting down to the time when I can leave without looking pathetic.

    Nevertheless, I will persevere. I need to lose a few kilos and I need to work on my general fitness levels. Maybe we should form some kind of pact re gym attendence with a prize to the most dedicated (or penalty to the first person to not follow through) to keep up motivated.

  5. I once had a gym membership that sat, unsullied by use, for six whole months before I bit the bullet and cancelled it.

    Not particularly motivational, I know. Sorry 'bout that.

    I you do find the motivation, will you please send some my way?

  6. I joined a gym on campus when I was at uni. Carrying all my books, then all my gym gear (cos I couldn't go to class wearing it, it was practically a fashion parade!) was so heavy I only went for a few months then gave up.

  7. When I joined a gym I mostly used their treadmill to walk faster & read at same time ;). It worked for me, the pump/step & body balance classes had me aching...and I missed reading.They had great childminding (+free).

    After I stopped the gym because we were busy with Hub's treatment I started to put on weight and all my clothes 'shrunk'.

    I think I was very unfit even with walking a lot.It just doesn't get the heart pumping & isn't 'aerobic' enough unless you speed walk.

    I just started the C25k - it still hurts (a bit) but I am getting fitter.I never thought I'd be able to run for 5 mins let alone 20 (only once mind you so far).

    I am considering the gym again for some strength training in arms (I am very weak)

    Good luck Al and good on for giving it a go.

  8. Gym guilt sucks. Have started back at mine after four weeks off because it was flooded. And it's not that I wanted it to flood, but gee, I noticed the lack of gym guilt and it was nice, I've got to say!

  9. Good woman!!
    I love my gym. It's a lovely lady gym. It has hot 20 year olds and even hotter 60 year olds. It also has a creche, which is great because my boys can play while I exercise. If I book myself in to do it 2 or 3 times a week, that's just what I do. There are no excuses.
    If you can blog everyday, you can handle the gym a few times a week. And I still walk everyday. Walking is like therapy, but the gym will make you strong and toned. I must admit, I have yet to find the delicate balance between blogging and gym attending. But I am still very new to this, so I am still hopeful that life will resume to normal soon(ish).

  10. can you walk to the gym??

  11. I hate the gym, I hate the pressure, the obligation, the sweaty equipment, the inadequacy I feel in any group class.

    I love walking, which I haven't, due to working full time and no child-free time while home. Now I'm work-free and can walk again. And bike, if only the kids would keep up with me. Not that walking ever made me lose weight, but it made me fitter. As did swimming.

    I walkint isn't doing it for you, walk faster, use weights, chase a kid....

    Good luck!

  12. I joined a gym two years ago. I was originally going to go once a week then I looked at the economics of how much that one session a week was costing me and figured it'd be cheaper per session to go more often. I now aim for three times a week and congratulate myself if I get there twice.

    I still hate it, but I get through with encouragement at home, encouragement at the gym and some fabulous music in my mp3 player. I'm now a size smaller (I don't weigh myself as whatever the result was I ate to celebrate/commiserate and it was just too hard). I'm fitter and healthier than I've ever been and I'd love a 'gym buddy' who could encourage me to go more often.

  13. I am at week three of my gym membership. If I don't go I have to pay the creche fees anyway, best incentive ever.

    But lately I have been tweeting and walking on the treadmill, note sure how effective that it, but keeps me walking longer.

  14. I haven't joined a gym since I lived with 3 other guys near the beach. I cycled there every day, did aerobics, step, you name it, I was there. Because I had the total hots one of the other gym members. THAT was my motivation.

    The glamazon across the road from me is an aerobics instructor at our local gym and has asked me to come along. Unless I fall in love with her, no dice.

    Good luck though, hope there is a hotty to keep you motivated. xx

  15. No gym here. I am stuck with walking, an old pilates DVD and hanging out endless loads of washing...

    I am sure you will work out a combination of gym and walking that works for you. I like the time to think that you get while you walk.

  16. A step in the right direction it seems. Can you walk to the gym? Then you could do both and feel really super pleased with yourself! good luck. We have a family gym membership, but yesterday when I took the kiddos there - Luca judo, Ruby creche - I just sat with a big coffee and my book for an hour. It was just the kind of exercise I needed !

  17. I have been dodging a gym membership for years... actually since I let the last one slide. Like the 'pre-gym' you, I like the outdoors form of workout and I totally love walking too. In saying this, I am almost certain that once I have a little more time on my hands, I'll cave and jump on the treadmill straight back into a new gym membership! I wish you every success in reaching your goal sooner, with your shiny new membership.
    P.S. I LOVE the acrobatics pic... heels are simply not used enough during exercise these days!

  18. I'm sorry, you lost me at: "Today I caved in and joined a gym."
    YOU were my friend who wasn't a gym member. And now I am the ONLY PERSON IN THE UNIVERSE who isn't a gym member.
    Tis a sad day.

  19. I have made many a "donation" to local gyms. Don't think I have exercised in any of them more than a handful of times. Just not my thing, feel so self conscious there.

    I hope you are able to get in to the swing of it soon.

    Michelle :-)

  20. Gyms just make me poorer + guilt - could you borrow a dog? It's like walking with a friend but you don't have to negotiate, and if you pick the right one you have feeling of virtue, the owner is off the hook and it's happy feelings all round. Children even enjoy accompanying you!
    I work from home so another upside is that I meet my neighbours now.

  21. To me, Gym is a four-letter-word - there should be a silent 'e' in there somewhere or something - it's evil.

  22. Which, again, proves my point that gyms are the work of the devil and should be outlawed.

  23. LOL joining a gym totally messes with your mind. I've been a member for years. I've not gone for years. I'm too scared to quit because then I might never exercise. Go figure!

  24. I have a love/hate relationship with the gym. Always feel good once I'm there but hate the thought of having to go.... Helps to have some eye candy? I was actually a member of 2 gyms at once back in London. And didn't go to either! Oh dear.

  25. Maybe you need to schedule in both..and a day off or two and room for spontaneity..'cos I think you have fallen into making a few laws for yourself and then finding loopholes..which work against your original goal. The mind feels deceives and sabotages itself. I do it to myself and know the pattern. no sugar..mum says 'maple syrup is fine for diabetics'..mind goes 'so maple syrup isn't sugar'. Loophole found so I eat maple syrup too much..still too many calories...I have just sabotaged myself. LOL.

  26. I'm a gym member and go to the gym! Being a tightwad is one of many great things about having Scottish background, I'm far too mean to pay the money but not go.

    Problem is once I get there... it's such an oasis and so relaxing after being with the kids that I take it far too easy, read mags on the walking machine, do very gentle aquarobics, have coffees... not much sweating. Oops. But good for the exercising the old relaxation muscles anyway and all mums need a wee haven

  27. The money I've wasted on gym memberships I could have bought a second home. And I have the fitness and fatness issues too. It's middle age spread.

    But you strike me as a girl with a purpose. I believe you'll do it.

  28. I joined a gym a couple of years ago. I go twice a week and can tell you my weight hasn't changed at all. I guess going is better than not going but some days it's tough getting motivated.

  29. Thoughts of joining a gym cross my mind several times a week. There's one within walking distance and another a longer walk or a short bus ride away. The walking I planned on doing daily just isn't getting done, mostly because I don't cope at all with the heat, so walking in it puts me off. But a gym would be airconditioned, so getting fitter and losing a bit of flab would be easier. I haven't yet made the effort to evn find out how much it would cost though. I'm such a procrastinator.

  30. I quit my gym and exercise more now than I have at the gym, dont think just becauseyou pay for something doesn't mean that will motivate you to use it!

  31. LOL. Sorry. Shouldn't be laughing. Am laughing because I actually went to the gym today ... woo hooo (and now I lie on the couch in recovery position)

  32. Oh dear. The I've joined a gym watch it fall off my syndrome. Haha. Just get there. You'll be great.

  33. That's one of the main reasons I won't join the gym. :\ We have one at our apartment complex and I have yet to go... We've lived here for a year and a half and I keep telling myself I'll go... but do I? Of course not.


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