Thursday, February 3, 2011

Six minutes in a leaky boat

Mr7 has a plan.

As discussed during our boating excursion on Sunday, he wants to sail to New Zealand. When he told me, I laughed and said, 'sure, we can do that', thinking of the four of us in our Rubber Ducky sailing the Tasman...

I should have known better.

Mr7 has a plan. He has designed a three-storey boat (see image) and is constructing a list of things we will need. So far it reads:

Fibre Glass
two beds
Life Jackets

He has established an Inventing Club at school and has recruited a classmate whose father 'makes glass'. He will provide the 'marine-grade glass' for the bottom of the boat. Glass-bottomed, apparently. They will work on it all term and we will be ready to set sail in May. For my birthday.

"Perhaps you could start out building a model?" I asked, torn between wanting to encourage his rampant creativity and wanting to protect him from the disappointment that will surely come when he discovers that building a three-storey boat in the backyard is not a one-term project.

"We can't sail to New Zealand in a model," was his, reasonable, response.

All I can hope is that he discovers a new passion over the weekend. Or we may be spending six minutes in a very leaky boat.

PS: Speaking of creativity, don't forget that we're into the last day of the competition to win an online writing course at the Sydney Writers' Centre by leaving a comment/pitch here. Don't miss out!


  1. I love this! Your little man is adorable. I tried to recruit a friend to write a book in grade 3. I was so annoyed that she didn't seem as committed as me, I had chapter outlines and everything.
    It's so hard being little: all these big ideas and so few materials at your disposal. He has a big future ahead of him.

  2. I've just re-watched an episode of Sea Change. An episode where a father and young son sail off. It's a beautiful dream.

  3. Priceless! I can't wait until my boys are seven. Already I am amazed at the things that go through Mr 4's mind. And by your post, it's just going to get better! (Better get to the chemist to stock up on your sea sickness pills). xx

  4. I'm stuck on the fact there's only two beds!! Love his imagination - it is truly gorgeous. xx

  5. That is so adorable! I say keep encouraging him - you never know, you could be on your way to NZ in May!

    That is an awesome drawing for a 7yo, too..

    When he has done yours, can you send him to my place? I could do with a new house...

  6. @bigwords = I wondered if anyone would pick that up. I asked about it. He's going to sleep with Mr4, in case Mr4 gets scared. Of course.

  7. If anyone can build a three-storey, glass-bottomed boat in one term, it's Mr7. Wait and see. x

  8. Oh let him go for it, ever heard of a man building a boat quickly?? By the time he's 27 & still building that glass bottom SS Tasman Sea Explorer boat, he'll have a wife to kill his dreams & you can reign supreme as the mummy who NEVER killed his dream, joy, childhood, creativity - see how mums of boys can always blame the daughter-in-law & remain the hero?? Love Posie

  9. How gorgeous. You would all be pretty cosy in only two beds...

    I love the detail in the plan, particularly the marine grade glass bottom.

  10. What a kid! he's gonna go a long way. Maybe even further than New Zealand.

  11. He's so excellent! Love it.
    Reminds me of one of my favourite kids' books - The Maggie B, by Irene Haas. Have you read that? No glass bottoms or aerials, but a toucan on board, and fresh caught lobster stew!

  12. Too beautiful for words. I love that he has done his research with the classmates. It's always good to get mates rates on a project of this calibre... it is likely to prove costly building a glass bottomed boat! I also think it's delightful that he has it in mind to launch the boat for your birthday. What a grandiose gesture :o)

  13. :-) i think it's time to nip his creativity in the bud quick, before he invents the "making girls shirts fall off" machine that i have so far spent 35 years failing to perfect

  14. fabulous! that's a little man going places :)

  15. This could totally happen you know. What a mind.

    You should get him on Dragon's Den - do you have that there?

    If you get to NZ, it's only a hop skip and a jump to the UK. See you in June?

  16. That is seriously fabulous - watch out world, Mr7 is coming to get you!
    Maybe you could convince him to make it bouyant through the use of corks? Specifically corks from wine and champagne bottles. Convince him you're the only one who can supply this amazing material, and it'll be a trip to remember :)

  17. Oh sweet Lord. My first thought was that you've got the male version of Jessica Watson on your hands. I wish you luck.......

  18. Oh wow! Your Mr7 and my Mr6 would get on so well. He just informed me his new favourite thing is boats! And when he gets a favourite thing, it's full on! I've been making paper boats and he has been asking a million questions about boats. He wants to sail a boat, not sail on a boat, HE wants to SAIL it!!

  19. Brilliant, I just love this! What a great mind!

    This reminds me when my brother bought a submarine from the back of a comic. He dreamt about all the places he'd go and the adventures he'd having. Not surprisingly the submarine never turned up. I think he would have been bitter disappointed with what arrived if it had.

  20. That is so precious! What a creative and determined little man!

  21. Just casually mention that even the biggest ship-building companies build a model before they make the big ships, so they can see if there's any problems with the design that need to be changed before the big ship is begun.
    I love how enthusiastic he is!


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