Friday, April 8, 2011

Weekend Rewind

If it's Weekend Rewind time, it must be Friday. I love it when the time to write this post comes around because it means the busyness of the week is behind us and the weekend stretches ahead.

This week, the prompt for our mixed tape of fabulous posts is December. Musically, I could wheel out any number of Christmas carols at this point, as it seems to be the only music played in December (and November and October, come to think of it...) - but nobody needs to be humming Rudolph in April. Not even me.

So the drill is this: please follow the Fibro if we are not already friends, link up a post from December 2010 (or 2009 or 2008 or... you get the picture) and then visit a few other links to share the comment love. The Rewind is the world's easiest linky - and we're aiming for the world's friendliest gold star as well. Other contenders for that title include Maxabella's Grateful and Blog Gems at The King And Eye. Feel free to spread yourselves around.

Right. Ready, set, Rewind!


  1. I had to link up one of my favourite Christmas experiences for a little fun. N x

  2. And now I am curious as to which month we are going to be doing next week? Back to January again?

  3. Too much fun to have in one day!

  4. I like 'spread yourself around'. Always wanted to be a blog whore. :-)

  5. Ha! That's funny because Miss3's favourite song is Jingle Bells. She sings it ALL THE home, at the supermarket, in the car. So it really is Christmas all year round here. lol

  6. For a few years we were still been listening to Christmas Carols in the car well into the New Year - until about April or May. Thank godness the kids are 7 and 12 now!

    Howeverm now when I think of Christmas music the first thing that pops into my head is Hi5 T'was the night before Christmas which closely followed by Santa wear your shorts.

    I think I'm a lost cause.

  7. Thanks Alison for the chance to share some of my older blog posts. xxx

  8. Ooh, I would so love to have been part of this, but I've only being blogging since January! Great idea though.
    Funnily, our three-year-old is still obsessed with Christmas carols, so Dorothy's latest Christmas CD is on rewind. She also requests Silent Night as her bedtime song!!

  9. Hope Aussie is an acceptable term! Mostly when I join in with the weekend rewind I find that my posts are too 'Irish' to have broad appeal, so I'm sticking up this one from December 2009...


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