Monday, October 17, 2011

Making time for friends

After reading this post (by Nicole at Planning With Kids) at the CareerMums blog, I have decided to take a night off. I am going out for a 'noice bistro meal' and a movie with some mates from the school community. We have been talking about it for ages... and now we're finally doing it.

I think there's a misconception as a mum that you need an 'occasion' to go out. That it needs to be an 'event'. With frocks, and heels, and pearls and stuff. A la Sex and The City. I think that is one reason that perhaps we don't go out enough. You don't need an event. You just need to get out of the house.

The Builder laughed when I told him that I was going out... on a Monday. After all, who goes out on Monday night? Mums do, that's who. It's not the coolest night to go out, I agree. But I'm going out. With friends. And that's cool enough.

When was the last time you went out with friends? Do you do it often enough?

[I appreciate that this image has little to do with a night out in Fibrotown...]


  1. I recently went out on a Monday with some Mums, we chatted so long that the waiters were vacuuming around us...we finally got the message!

  2. Not often enough! These days its usually to celebrate a BIG birthday or a leaving party (expats on the move again). I did do a Saturday afternoon shopping with some mum friends and then after we were all shopped out, we found a bar and drank wine together for a couple of hours. That felt great. Have fun this evening. Monday night out is the new Friday night out!

  3. I can't remember the last time. Sigh.

  4. Absolutely.
    Doing it tomorrow night!
    I usually aim for once a month - just dinner with some girlfriends.
    Any night of the week will do.
    It's about the company, the giggles, enjoying a meal or a drink, something to look forward to, finishing a sentence without interruption...!!

    Occasionally, I get the Mummy guilts as I walk out the door (after serving dinner, bathing and bedding Magoo!!) but that's forgotten once the chatter kicks in.

    Hope you had a terrific time.

  5. Funnily enough, I am out for a girls lunch tomorrow! First time in ages!

    Hope you had a top time, untethered!


  6. I SO agree! We tend to slip into the only going out on special occasions rut and it's not good for anyone. I went out with the gals last Tuesday night of all night's... nothing's happening on a Tues night! But we hit the pub, had an awesome meal and lots and lots of laughs.
    Hope you had a top time with the crew Allison :o)

  7. I couldn't manage without my girls night outings. I have 5 friends that when we go out we close down whatever restaurant we go to. We laugh till our sides hurt. Best medicine in the world.

  8. Last time I went out with freinds we had a picnic in the park untill 1 am. Have to it again soon.

  9. I can't remember? Perhaps a lunch for my best friends birthdays in July. I did spend one night out with my sister in the city a few months back. It is what it is when you have little kids. I'll find my buried social life soon enough.
    Sex in the City has a lot to answer for.

  10. Can't remember the last time I went out, but when I get the chance, I take it! My bestie is holding a pre Melbourne Cup party in about 2 weeks where we all go to her place dressed up for the races. Such a fun annual event her and her husband host. Seriously looking forward to it!!
    I find just getting to the gym in the evenings a good escape!

  11. Last Saturday night with the school mums to see and Abba Tribute show. Loved it and paid for it all day long Sunday. x

  12. I have breakfast with a group of friends every Friday morning. Well, the ones I can manage! It refills the laughter bank at the end of some long weeks that's for sure.

  13. Oh, just realised my comment is totally irrelevant as I don't have kids at home anymore. Still, friends are necessary at any stage of your life :)

  14. So true. Sometimes we try to wait to make it the big event, but we really just need to get together. The rest takes care of itself.



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