Thursday, October 27, 2011

A stationery conversation

Oh, hello. It's you.

I'm so sorry, I can't talk to you right now. I'm very busy.

Very, very busy.

Doing what, you ask? Er, research. Yes, that's it, research. Very busy with reserach.

Oh, you want to know what I'm researching? Always with the questions. Sigh. Well, if you must know, I'm investigating stationery. Yes, stationery. Stationery needs investigating.

What's that? Well, yes, I did do that feature a couple of years ago about how we crave beautiful stationery even though nobody seems to hand write anything anymore. What of it? Didn't you read to the end of that story. Don't you remember how important that small piece of tactile luxury is in a world that's increasingly online and untouchable?

Of course you do. Which is why I know you won't mind if I just leave you right here and go back to salivating over beautiful paper products. If you'd like to join me, you can start here:

Upon A Fold

or here: Little Branch

or here: Paddock Press

And if you are a fellow stationery addict, please share your favourite online shopping haunts.  I'm in the mood for paper.

[image: Christmas cards from LeafJournals/Etsy]


  1. Earlier this year I discovered Typo and recently I ventured into Kikki.k for the first time. My daughter came with me on a shopping trip that included a trip into kikki.k a few weeks ago and commented 'oh Mum, it's just like Smiggle for grown-ups'. :-)

    I'm a sucker for gorgeous stationery, but I'm also rather pathetically entranced by most stationery products. Officeworks now has some rather cute product lines in addition to the standard supplies. Sadly I am just as excited by a new range of Papermate gel pens as I am by the cute kikki.k notepad that I bought.

    Now I'm off to check the links you suggested...

  2. Hi Al I'm a stationery fiend, like Bron ☺. Go here ( for my stationery posts. J x

  3. There is the most amazing store in Brighton Victoria - Tuccibrown....
    I am in NSW and waiting on them to get their website up and running but in the mean time they have a Facebook page...
    but for the time in the (hopefully) near future, the website is
    Most beautiful papers etc EVER!!!

  4. Anything that comes handwritten in the post, I don't mind if it is on a sticky note or 'folder paper' if a friend handwrites me a note, I keep it.

  5. Susan - you are speaking my language! I only discovered Typo the other day and nearly fainted in there from 'pleasure overload'! I have banned myself from Kikki-K but have been known to go to Officeworks to 'just browse'.

    Alli - one more for you (in addition to the 6 million comments I left on your facebook page) - Elum Designs do the most divine letterpress stationery, I am a total addict!

  6. I love pretty paper products, but I really like to buy them in stores. I like to touch it and feel it first (weird, sorry!)

  7. Stationery is fashion for the literary inclined!!
    And it always looks fabulous no matter how I'm feeling!

  8. I AM a fellow stationery addict! I had so much I haven't had to purchase any new in a long time (I inherited my mom's stash, too). I adore it. I visit TJ Maxx just to wander the paper goods aisle. I have journals, notebooks, stationery, note cards, and onion typing paper just because of the memories it brings. This was a GREAT post! I think I will go write a real letter to my eldery aunt (she still writes them to me).

  9. I just scheduled a post about the lost art of letter writing. On beautiful stationary. I am so glad to see others still appreciate it as much as I do.

  10. I'm in the unusual position of having bought Kikki-K notepads and refused to write lists on them because they are too pretty to use! I tend to use my pad of recycled kinder notices/back of envelopes. But I still love stationary.

  11. I have fabric covered notebooks which I adore, from Winnie and Clem (WeMadeIt) and also French Navy notepaper. Divine.

    I write thank you notes. In real handwriting. So I NEED real stationary!

  12. How lovely.
    I've visited Upon a Fold a few times but haven't heard of the others.

    To be honest I try to stay clear of stationery stores. Sadly, beautiful stationery is a luxury I simply cannot afford at the moment.

    But, one day.........

  13. When I dies, I'm coming back as Kristina Karlsson of kikki.K. I even ran an event at one of their stores so I could bask in their stationery glow.

    Typo - mwah! Another Donkey Design also a bit gorgeous for cards and tags.

    And Cristina Re has the most beautiful stationery. I bought a silver embossed notebook from there in August. It sits on my desk and I touch it...regularly. But never write it. Oh no. That would ruin it!!!

  14. I am definitely a stationery person. Having found kikki.K I visit it regularly and recently purchased a fountain pen (haven't written with a fountain pen for years and years) and now have pretty paper and am snail mailing people - just because I love my pen so much !!!!

    Happy paper shopping !

  15. Please don't feed my stationery addiction. I beg you!

  16. I am a self confessed stationery addict Allison... and I still often use it for writing notes and letters and sending them via snail mail. Can't take the old fashioned joys out of this young(ish) gal ;o)
    Thank you for sharing these links, off to drool now!
    I'm a big fan of the old favourites... Typo, Kikki K and Cardiology always have beautiful products to satisfy me xo

  17. I love stationery. These days I do most of my shopping at Smiggle, because they're cheap enough to indulge my notebook addiction.

  18. I'm all about the notebook. But not just any notebook. The perfect notebook. Which I haven't found yet. But I will continue my quest, because it is a sickness for which there is no cure. Thank goodness. x

  19. Great post, I'm mad for the stuff. x

    I live near the concept store and have wasted many an hour (day, week...) browsing.

  21. I am a paperfile.
    I have a massive paper addiction. I think it's why I took up scrapbooking to begin with.
    I will have to take a picture or maybe vlog the extent of my paper addiction for you.

  22. I really miss living across the road from Officeworks, (literally!)I spent so many happy hours browsing there.
    On the other hand, Rundle Mall has Smiggle and Kikki.K. side by side.... (^_^)

  23. I create my own stationery. About to start offering it on my blog in the next few months!
    Other than that...Etsy has some beautiful stationery art :)


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