Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mr5 has a new drum kit

Mr5 has a new drum kit. It is red, and flashy, and loud. It has a bass drum with a foot pedal to make it go boom, boom, boom. There's a snare, and a tom-tom, and cymbals that crash together with a satisfying, clashing ring. Particularly when hit with the actual, timber drumsticks.

Mr5 is in raptures over his drum kit. He is giving Mr8 lessons. Thwack, boom, thwack, ting, thwack, bang, bang, bang. (Twirl drumsticks.)


Thank you Gran and Pops. He really is thrilled.

And thank heavens school starts next week.


  1. Got to love a noisy present! At least when the child's friend gives a loud present you can recipocate with a loud present back! Not the grandparents however, that's just mean and cheeky.

  2. I married a drummer. It's the quiet ones you gotta watch.

  3. Love a bit of drumming - I used to play a few years ago, but that was before kids. My husband is a drummer too. Or was. I am going to try my best at pushing other interests. We make enough noise for the neighbours as it is, so no drums here...

  4. Oh my! That right there, is one of my fears as the boys grow. Now, just how to nurture their musical talents and steer them away from a drum kit ;o)
    Cute post, made me laugh xo

  5. My dad threatened for ages to give my 3 year old a drum set. I just told him sure - we'll keep it at your place for 'special time.' Then my sister in law who lives 2 states away got one delivered for his birthday. And I thought she liked us! Luckily it was flimsy and he broke it within days! Happy (quieter) days!

  6. One of the most favourite and retributive gifts that Grandparents love to give. I'm sure they are really enjoying the drum set too. Hahaha.

  7. oh wow. my friend's 2 year old just got a real baby drum kit from grandma (my friend's mother in law) for christmas. Friend is thrilled too...she says 'it's war'.

  8. my son never had a drum set, he did however play the pots and pans quite often!

  9. Earplugs.
    Buy earplugs.
    I love drums. One of my sons knows how to drum and so does his son. Neither of them has a drum kit at the moment though.

  10. oh gosh I do so feel for your ears!! My daughters have not thank god asked for a drum kit YET


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