Sunday, January 8, 2012

Where do you go to relax?

When Fam Fibro goes on holidays, we go. Around 1200km, round trip, in the car, to be precise. What began as a simple 'let's visit the family up north for a few days' turned into an odyssey. A few days at Chez Maxabella (sadly without Maxabella in residence) in the Big Smoke, where we visited Oma, visited the Harry Potter exhibition, visited cousins, visited friends... you get the picture.

Into the car for the short drive to the Central Coast, where we visited friends. Into the car for the longer drive to Port Macquarie (how boring is that stretch of highway between Buladelah and Kempsey... no, really? Something must be done), where we visited a carnival. Into the car, for the short drive to a small town near Coffs Harbour, rumoured to be the holiday destination of an Aussie supermodel, where we visited, not the model, but The Builder's brother.

Three blissful days in which the only visiting we did was to the beach.

Into the car for the shortish drive to Forster, which turned into a much longer drive when we discovered that there was no room at the inn. Any inn. So we visited Newcastle and granted ourselves the luxury of a night at the Grand Mercure, simply so we could stretch out and watch the enormous boats on the working harbour.

Into the car for the very short drive to our next stop - which became much longer once we decided we should visit some of the Hunter Valley's finest wineries. Now that was a visit.

One more night at a friend's house, in which we were visited by an enormous storm. And then into the car to head back to the Fibro, where we visited with the family members who'd been staying at our place in our absence.


On the positive side, we did more socialising in 10 days than we've done all year. We visited amazing beaches, drank amazing wine, got to see the Sorting Hat in action, spent time with family and friends, sang a bit, laughed a lot. On the negative side of the ledger, Mr5* managed to split his head open, stand on a bee, and develop a serious case of Verbal Diarrhea (which, as everyone knows, can be fatal to anyone else within, say, the close proximity of a car...)

Somewhere around about Newcastle, Mr8* asked me how many more days on the road we had. "We'll be home on Friday night," I told him.

"Ah," he said, leaning back in his chair with a big, toothy smile peeking out from under his new Hogwarts cap. "Then we'll be able to relax."

Did you enjoy a family holiday this year? Where did you go to relax?

*new year, new names

[image: a photo I took whilst trying to keep my cover as an innocent tourist when I was really on Kerr Watch on the north coast]


  1. It sounds like your family holiday was a whole lot better than mine. Even if it wasn't relaxing ;)

  2. Welcome back!
    We usually stay home in the summer, simply because we live in a great holiday spot. This year, though, we are upping sticks and going camping about 20 mins from home on the other side of the peninsula.
    Trying to travel light, unsuccessfully. How many torches does one family need???

  3. Mr 8 is onto something there... holidays are so stressful aren't they! Nothing like being home. I hope you enjoyed your few days at us. I can't say 'with' us, so 'at' us it is!! I think The Builder left his boardies and Mr 5 his budgies behind... x

  4. Mr 8 - what a crack up. I am a bit worried ... Mr 2.5 already suffers from verbal diarrhea. Right now it is cute, what's it going to be like when he is a Mr 5?!!

    Meanwhile - your holiday sounds like what I wanted to do for our honeymoon. Thankfully sanity prevailed and we went to Club Med instead :)

  5. Oh, has Mr 5 only just caught verbal diarrhea? The Munchkin's had it from the day he learned to talk. Thank goodness for audio books. I need them just to drive an hour across town, let alone THAT much driving. Sounds like you had a great time though. Welcome to 2012!

  6. Well we're on a massive adventure holiday at the moment caravanning around the country. The problem is that it has been just so darn exciting and so it took about 7000km's to relax! Very relaxed now. Your holiday is what we normally do though-always fun but you get home needing a holiday to recover from the holiday. Happy 2012!!
    Mel x

  7. That's some touring, there.
    I love Mr. 8's take though!!

  8. It sounds similiar to my childhood summer holidays, we use to tour around NSW in dads V8 station wagon & camping carvan....miss those days - hubby was sick all through the holidays so we only really sat on our

  9. We drove from Sydney to Brisbane and back again over 6 days at the beginning of December and the weekend before down to my Dad's farm which was 4 hours in the other direction. It was nice to get away but I was glad to be home when it was over :)
    Your holiday sounds fab! A bit of everything all in one.
    And I am very keen to see the Harry Potter Exhibition!

  10. Ooh - you should have popped in to Tinonee Cottages when the inn was full! They are only 30 minutes from Forster, and gorgeous. But I am biased, lol.

  11. That sounds like an EPIC holiday. Fantastic!

  12. My holiday was in June...visited my family in Florida and hung out at the beach. It was fabulous. I am hoping I get to do that this summer as well.

  13. Glad the roadie went so well - Mr5 managed to add quite nicely to the fun and games it seems! I don't think I am ready for a tour with my clan. Waaaaay too many toilet stops x

  14. We have family in Valla. Nice, isn't it? Our holidays sound similar x

  15. There's a lot of 'ticking off' right there - super satisfying if you ask me! Sounds like a great road trip. One for the pool room perhaps? As is Mr8's final comment. Wise beyond his years that one x

  16. Phew! You were missed. Good to have you back. Feeling more relaxed already ;)

  17. Those kinds of holidays are the best ones, especially the spontaneous bits.
    We headed to the big smoke, but came home more exhausted than when we left thanks to all the activities on offer and the socializing, wouldn't have changed it for the world though.

  18. I love nothing more than to relax to the max on a tropical beach under palm trees with turquoise sea, say 20 paces away. However, that is a treat and a half and therefore infrequent.

    However, again, I had a memorable time with friends at Center Parcs (woodland resort in UK) and found time to relax in the 'World of Spa'- an experience of saunas and steam rooms from around the world!

    On the other hand, I also love your kind of holiday- the one where you need another as soon as you get back?


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