Thursday, September 20, 2012

10 things I learnt this week

As the end of the week approaches and I prepare to take myself to the Big Smoke for lunch tomorrow, I thought it a good time to reflect on the lessons learnt this week. It's been a busy week in The Old Girl, with lots of decisions to be made - decisions about paint colours, decisions about shoes, decisions about the 13 pages of edits on my novel.


So here's what I learnt this week:

1. I am terrible at making decisions. When there are too many decisions to be made, I make the decision to go to bed. Unfortunately, this decision cannot be followed by the appropriate action most of the time, so I am left dangling about the place.

2. My children delight me more than I ever expected. They are also a greater source of anxiety than I ever imagined. There's a balance in there somewhere, and sometimes we actually find it. This week the wins were big, and losses niggling and troublesome. But the school holidays are upon us and we're all more than ready for a break.

3.  It is possible to love a pair of red sneakers.

4. The days of the week are named after Norse gods. Thursday, for instance, is Thor's Day. I could also take you through the finer points of the Runic alphabet, but I suspect it takes a great deal of love to weather that particular storm and I will not subject you to it. Suffice to say that Mr8 can write his name in Runic. Which is bound to come in handy one day.

5. Reading the end of a book first is not always a good idea.

6. It is difficult to know exactly when to pull the flannelette sheets off the bed. I nearly peaked last week after one sultry night of 12 degrees Celsius, only to be very happy that I'd been feeling lazy that day when the temp topped out at 3 degrees Celsius the following night. Seriously. Is there a handy guide for this kind of stuff?

7. There are very few rooms that cannot be brightened significantly by the addition of a little bunting.

8. There is a very good chance that I do not need every single one of the 4444 items currently languishing in my email inbox.

9. I tend to overuse the word 'very'. I will take Mark Twain's advice and insert the word 'damn' instead. So point 7 now reads 'There are damn few rooms...' and point 8 reads 'There is a damn good chance...'. I think it makes me sound racier. What do you think?

10. Clearing space in one's head often comes down to clearing space in one's schedule. By saying no to several things this week I was able to stave off the whelm and make some good inroads into my novel edits. I am feeling much relieved. Thank you all for the good advice and support.

I have just one more thing to learn this week, and it's this:

Do you still have flannelette sheets on your bed?

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  1. The damns are definitely making you sound racier. I am quite jealous.

    Am with you on the flannelette sheet issue. I say leave them til Oct. Days are getting warmer here but still damn cold at night. (See - racier discussion about sheets... you are onto something.)

    Take care.

  2. No flannelettes on ours, my husband would not deal with that well, but I did have some long contemplation today on whether it was time to take them off Mr2's bed. I left them. I mean, I just damn left 'em.

  3. Did you say 4444 items in your inbox? *Kelly quietly leaves the room and vomits delicately in a plant pot*

  4. We are just now putting them on here in Alaska! It has been damn cool here!

  5. I find the flannelette comforting and with all the drama we have going on over here, I need a bit of comforting. Also, this old house is cold, so it's totally appropriate to have them on!!

  6. Our flanny sheets are OFF. I took a punt last weekend, and I am glad. It's chillier than I'd like in the evening, but I'll get Spring dragged here if I can. (It's Lexies birthday week. Her birthday marks the start of Spring, for me. A change of season, a change of sheets.)

    And today I shall wear peep-toe shoes and cropped pants instead of long pants and boots...damn, I'm a risk taker...


  7. I learnt today that 'damn' is a great word to use in all written and oral conversations!
    As for flannelette - I had to give it up years ago and damn I miss my flanny pj's and sheets.

  8. I cannot stand flannelette sheets (I'm not even sure I can even spell them!) Never have been able to - too furry, or scratchy or something. Not a big fan of bunting except for parties either... maybe not even then. But I am a fan of being able to write your name in the Runic alphabet. At one stage, I wondered if it was going to be the only way to encourage the Munchkin to learn to write!

  9. Oh wow. I thought my 4,362 Inbox emails was a lot. You take the cake!!

  10. No flannelettes at all this Winter for us.
    Wasn't damn cold enough!!
    :-) xx

  11. Yep. I have some brand spanking new cotton sheets waiting, but I can't bear that icy shock of cotton sheets on a cold night, so the flannies will remain for another couple of weeks.
    Damn is a great word, and it's definitely racier. Can you imagine Rhett saying, "My dear, I don't give a very."

  12. I am so glad you see flannel sheets as one of life's big issues lol. Personally I hate them as little bits of fluff from them gets on the carpet. Very -oops - Damn annoying lol.

  13. The flannos have gone and so have the 'verys' on the most part, 'very' and 'current' and 'that', especially 'that', it's a pet hate of mine.

  14. I haven't used flannelette sheets in yonks. The fluff that came off them used to drive me nuts.
    I have flannelette jammies instead, with long sleep tees in almost matching colours to wear under them.

  15. Yep. Still have the flannelette sheets on and am damn happy I do. *cold tonight*

  16. I'm kinda the opposite on the decision making / action front. I do better when there's too much on my plate!

    I took my flannelette sheets off a few weeks ago. When it was hot; but just before it got cold again.

    Of course now here in Qld it's 'damn' hot so I'd definitely be taking them off now.


  17. I love that bunting, very spring-ish. I'm with you on the too-many-decisions front. And I hate cold, so we still have flannelette sheets on. I'd rather have a few nights too warm than make the call too early and freeze ...
    ~ Rebecca


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