Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How do you like me so far?

With my bag all packed for the Problogger Training Event, I thought now was a brilliant time to show you my new headshot. Actually, it's also a great time simply because I got it today and couldn't wait another minute to show you the wonderful work of Sophie Turner at Kisschasey Photography.

Extended Fam. Fibro - meaning Mum and Dad, sisters B and C, brother TICH, and the various other halves and offspring (19 of us in all) - recently submitted to enjoyed a family photo session in honour of A Big Birthday. It was surprisingly painless - even fun, I must admit - and the results were so amazingly lovely that we are all just thrilled.

Before the shoot, I said to Sister B, "She makes people look really good." To which she replied: "Maybe they looked good in the first place, did you think of that? She hasn't met us yet..."

Well, she has met us now and she made us look good. And to make my life even more complete, we even managed to wedge in a little headshot, allowing me to update the one I've been using for years. As I said to my Mum, "I don't want to be one of those writerly types who uses the soft focus pic that's 10 years out of date." To which she replied: "Nobody starts out that way. Let's talk again in 10 years."

So, if I'm still using this one in 10 years, feel free to call me on it.

And yes, I confess to asking for a little bit of 'work' around the eyes. Just so I was happy with the fact that my crowies couldn't be seen from the other side of the room. At least I'm honest, right?

If we meet at Problogger this week, squint a little and I'll look just like this. Promise.

As an addendum to this post, I will point you in the direction of this lovely piece by the extremely well-named Allison Slater Tate. If you are never in family photos, you need to read it. I wish I'd thought of it first.

Read it and book yourselves a family photo shoot. It's worth it.

Have you ever had a professional family photo shoot? How did it turn out?

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. The family photo shoot was fully funded by Fam Fibro. I'm just so pleased by the results (and I'm NEVER pleased with photos of myself as a general rule) that I'm more than willing to spread the word. Visit Kisschasey Photography for examples of Sophie's excellent work.


  1. It's a beautiful photo Allison and Im not surprised you couldn't wait to show it off!

    I have real gurning tendancies so whenever there's a lucky shot where I'm looking ok it's straight out there for everyone to see :)

  2. Oh I hear you on the gurning. I am exactly the same. Which is why I'm so amazed!

  3. You look great with TWO functioning eyes and everything!! x

  4. I think you look fabulous. My first thought was "wow - she just looks like a really nice person". Which I am sure you are - with or without crowies.

    1. Oh that's made my night. Thanks (from me and my crowies)!

  5. I love your hair! It's gorgeous. Have a great time. X

  6. Beautiful light, you are a natural.

  7. Bachelor mum has hit the nail on the head. You are natural. You look how you write; warm, lively, wise.
    I wish I could meet you at ProBlogger. I could only do one blogging conference this year, and I've already done that. Enjoy! The weather will be a bit blurg, but if you have time there are some wonderful bookstores in the city to poke around in (Hill of Content on Burke St is gorgeous). And the botanic gardens on St Kilda road are great for a wander. For some jaw dropping book porn, go to the State Library on Swanston St. I could sit in there all day, just breathing in the book smell. *weirdo* x

  8. I think it is a lovely photo and echo A Farmer's Wife comment, "you like look a really nice person".
    And now you have encouraged me even more to get some family photos when Bubs#2 arrives early next year.

  9. Love your new photo - gorgeous hair you have! I don't know if I am feeling hormonal or it is just Sophie's exquisite photos but I clicked over to look at her photos and was welling up with tears at the love Sophie captures in her work. Really beautiful.
    As for having a professional family shoot I am married to a professional photographer so I am lucky to have great shots of our boys but more and more I am thinking it would be so lovely to have great photos of all four of us. Happy for you that your shoot went so well. Very disappointed not to be attending Problogger to meet you in person. I am buying a virtual ticket so I will at least get to add your voice to your photo. Have a great time and write at least one post about how it all goes.

  10. It's a terrific shot, love the soft light and the background and you in the foreground. See you in Melbourne!

  11. What a great shot Al, you look gorgeous (as I'm sure you would without the 'work') ;)

  12. Gorgeous photo - you look warm AND wise!

  13. What a gorgeous photo! I echo the comment that you look like a nice person :) (But then we know that from your writing as well!)

  14. Ooooh, yes! This is gorgeous. Straight to the pool room - which is obviously code for "blog post".

    We're getting family shots done in two weeks and I am hoping to look completely different by then. Wish me luck....

  15. Gosh what a lovely picture, and you're right, mums don't feature in enough family pics. I'm guilty of this too. Time to remedy this. Thanks Allison for posting that. (And thank you for such a lovely comment over at mine...)

  16. Great shot. Glad you enjoyed rather than endured the photography experience! We had our first lot of family pics taken earlier this year and could not be happier with them.

  17. I've been meaning to tell you on Twitter - I LOVE this photo! Just gorgeous.


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