Tuesday, October 16, 2012

If the shoes fit

Daylight savings has given the boys another lease on life. An extra, other lease on life. Like their little boy energy has stepped up yet another gear into over-overdrive. Every time I turn around, there is a new activity underway.

Ninja rolls and throws on the trampoline. Check.

Tennis on the back lawn (thanks to Totem tennis and half-sized racquets). Check.

Viking rescue boat/raid on small, imaginary village. Check.

Soccer game on modified backyard field. Check.

Rugby passing next to the compost bins. Check.

General rampaging around the house. Check.

And all before 6pm.

Most of these activities seem to require an outfit change. One can simply not kick a soccer ball, for instance, unless one is wearing the correct footwear. And one can simply not put said footwear away immediately after said kick because one is busy slipping into one's Ninja outfit.

The pile of shoes beside the back door is mounting. An untidy mess of laces and wellies, sandals and sneakers.

I should do something about it. But one is too busy being in awe of the energy levels of children.

Right up until the moment when they hit the wall, meltdown, are thrown into bed and crash out as soon as their heads hit the pillow. Only to begin again at the crack of dawn the next day.

Ah yes, daylight savings. Don't you just love it?

Are your kids throwing themselves into the opportunities offered by daylight savings?


  1. They are warming up to it.... It's rainy here in Melbourne.... I think I will,pack up the wii, although they are limited to weekends... The option for winter only sounds good to me!

    1. Great idea. Ours got packed up when we moved and has yet to be unpacked. Much prefer to see them outside!

  2. My three are the same. Like the back yard gets rediscovered. And the outrage at showing in the daylight? Oh my.

    But, I recall from last year that the end of school year tiredness kicks in about week 5 of term...


  3. Glad to hear it's not only girls that need outfit changes! Yes, my girls are the same and loving the outdoors (and I'm loving the extra peace and quiet indoors!)

  4. I'm just waiting for the Melbourne weather to catch up to the kids' energy. It'd be nice to send the boys outside when they're rampaging but it's still quite wet.

  5. My 3 have been full of energy. We have a great park across the road so it has been tennis, soccer, footy, cricket and off to the pool last night. I'm exhausted but they don't seem to be at all!

  6. I certainly do love daylight savings Alison. Yesterday with the warm air i dug my little one out of bed for her to scooter alongside me while I jogged. It was about 6am. The day was still and the sun kissed the water. Then ... we saw it. A whale! It was such a beautiful thing. We then dived in the water ... i suggested we could do the same thing that evening but she was absolutely exhausted and opted for bed instead. oh yes, it's magic!

  7. Totally loving Daylight Savings for the extra daylight to wear Little Miss 4 out in the backyard :)

  8. I am loving daylight savings. Bedtime is the same. Nap time is the same. But instead of waking at 6.30am, it's become 7.30am! An extra hour, every day. I wonder how long it will last?

  9. We actually don't have DS here (am in Brisbane), so I don't know what it's like with children? What time does it get dark (I've never lived anywhere that has ever had Daylight savings).

  10. Hi Melissa, it gets dark just before 8pm! A

  11. No they are sleeping later in the morning and I am luuuuurving it.

  12. Yes, it's been surprisingly great. My baby was born the first day of the switch so it's meant staying up later and sleeping in...we have so enjoyed our baby moon, and daylight savings has helped!


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