Friday, March 22, 2013

Win a print copy of Alice's Wonderland by Allison Dobell

My shy friend Allison Dobell is very excited this week. Print copies of her steamy romance Alice's Wonderland went on sale exclusively in Target in the US on Tuesday and she was last seen doing a little happy dance in a corner.

To celebrate, she's giving away a copy of the book on her website. All you have to do to enter is to leave a comment about your favourite character - either one you've written or one you've read.


To get you started, she shares the back story of the creation of Tanja Thompson, one of her favourite characters in Alice's Wonderland. That's one of her quotes right there in the image

Given that the book is a Target Exclusive and print copies of the book are not available in Australia, nor at Amazon (though you can buy the ebook here), this is a rare and exclusive offering. And, so far, you have a very good chance of winning!

Entries close Sunday March 31, and winners will be announced at the same day.

What are you waiting for? Enter here.

If you wrote a hot, steamy romance, what would you call it?


  1. Sooooo excited for your friend. An Australian author on sale internationally is always a thrilling thing, I think.

    Pippi Longstocking is my hands-down favourite character ever. Except maybe for The Driver... x

  2. I want to read this just after hearing you talk about it at the conference!
    My favourite book character would probably have to be Hannah Swensen (at the moment.) I've been reading this detective series that is quite ridiculous and yet completely addictive. How does the owner of a cooking shop become the local detective????

    1. Thanks Jess - and great answer! Can you make sure you leave it over at the allisondobell site so that it can be counted as an entry? You'll find the link in the post - where it says Enter Here!


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