Friday, April 26, 2013

Riding in cars with (little) boys

I am supposed to be cleaning my office, so now seems like an excellent time to write a blog post...

This morning I was lucky enough to be close enough to eavesdrop overhear one of those delightful conversations that take place between six-year-old boys when they're just, you know, chatting about stuff. Mr6's friend M had been visiting and we were all in the car, on our way to drop him off to a family function.

"I'm a little bit scared," he confided to Mr6.

"Why would you be scared?" asked Mr6. "It's just your family."

"There'll be people there I don't know."

Pause. "You need to just find a friend," said Mr6, knowledgeably. "You only need one friend and then it'll be fine."

[insert arty shot of driving Mum smiling to herself]

"You're right," said M. Pause. "Do you ever worry about things?"

Pause. "Nope," said Mr6, sunnily.

[insert arty shot of relieved driving Mum, smiling to herself]

"I do," said M. "I have a worry doll."

"What's that?" asked Mr6, intrigued at prospect of a toy.

"I keep it under my pillow and if I have worries I tell the doll and it takes them away."

"That's cool!" said Mr6. Pause. "Maybe if I get some worries Mum will get me one."

[insert arty shot of driving Mum struggling to contain suppressed laughter]

Do you sometimes listen in on your kids' conversations?


  1. How sweet! The other day my daughter was telling her grandmother how she should introduce herself to the children at a birthday party we were all going to that morning. It was the sweetest little thing ever!

    And in regards to the Worry Doll... There's a book (the name of it has just vanished from my head) but we read it to the children at preschool and they love it! We've made worry dolls with the children before and it has helped children with little anxieties that they may have esp if they're finding it hard to separate from mum/dad at preschool :)

    Sophie xo

    1. Ooh - if the name comes to you, let me know. I'll pass it on to M's mum.

    2. I'm pretty sure you may be talking about Silly Billy by Anthony Browne - the brilliant picture book author/illustrator.

  2. Aw I have a worry doll too (seriously)

    Meanwhile, this is adorable x infinity

    1. Somehow I knew you'd have one. I should have one too!

  3. Your Mr6 goes from strength to strength.

    Charlie (now 7) was chatting to his little mate at Cubs the other evening, just prior to me leaving them to it at a cub scout sleepover. His little mate asked him "Will you miss your Mum if she is not here to take care of you?" To which Charlie replied "I might actually miss her a bit, but I don't actually notice." Then he looked at me and sheepishly said "No offence Mum. But I actually don't miss you. I am a bit too busy, actually."

    Actually, that is quite OK...


  4. Adorable...there's something about the innocence of children's conversations that is irresistable. Love the "insert arty" shots! (Think everyone should have a worry doll)

  5. So comforting for you that your boy feels happy and safe, so many children these days are suffering anxiety at such young ages - whatever you do keep doing it :-)

  6. Yep I do. My four year old is going on 15! Totally cracks me up....until she is actually 15 of course.

  7. There's nothing better than listening to children's conversations is there? They remind us how simple life is sometimes. x

  8. Love the "insert artsy picture here". We're just getting to the point of mini-me convo's with our 4 year old. It always makes me smile when his 10 yr old brother is discussing life with him. Life is so much simpler in their perspective.

  9. How great to raise a child who has no worries. Your next blog post, perhaps? I'm thinking of getting myself one of those worry dolls...


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