Thursday, April 4, 2013

There's always time for a cuddle

The Fibro household is a little overwrought at present. Mr6 has a cold and is snoring and grinding and snuffling his way through every night, waking up tired every morning. Mr9 is, well, nine going on 14 and has decided that the best way to assert his new independence is with an attitude the size of Australia. A bad attitude. And I am working late every night, eyes squinting against the glare of my computer, writing, editing, and trying to think.

Mornings are no fun round here at the moment.

This morning as I was trying to get Mr6's collar straight and shoelaces re-tied, with Mr9 shrieking away in the background about how school is 'bum', and a rising level of stress, Mr6 grabbed at me, toppling me over.

"What are you doing?" I shouted. "Can't you see I'm trying to get us out the door?"

"I just wanted a cuddle," he said, bottom lip quivering. "I need a cuddle."

"We don't have time for a cuddle," I said, through clenched teeth, attacking the laces once again.

"Mum," he said, seriously, putting his little arms around me, "there's always time for a cuddle."

So we stopped, and snuggled, and were five minutes late for school. The world did not end, but the day started out on an infinitely better note.

He's right. There is always time for a cuddle.

Are you a screaming banshee in the morning like I am?


  1. I can relate. Is it school holidays there yet? We're frazzled, but one week into school hols and things are becoming less so.

  2. Little boy cuddles are very intense. There is always time for a topple. x

  3. Cuddles are to the soul as food and drink are to the body. Profound aren't I?

  4. He is right, there is always time for a cuddle. What an angel.
    And yep I am a crazy mess at the moment - attempting to get our 12 week old into some sort of routine when he only wants to sleep in 45 minute chunks and the books tell me he should be sleeping for 3 hours! WTF!!
    Sorry about that!

  5. Yep. Screaming banshee in residence at our house right before we head out the door for school.

  6. There is always time for A cuddle... it's the 651st cuddle before he will go to sleep that is the problem!

  7. Lovely post! And I can so relate to Mr 9.....

  8. Hard for me to admit but yes screaming banshee does pop in here from time to time. Each morning at 8.55am at my Mr 6's school they play music over the loudspeaker to indicate it is time to get to class and then at 9am bell rings, it always makes me smile when we arrive just to hear the music and Mr 6 says with surprise and delight in his voice "Mum we're early!".

  9. Lol the screaming banshee!

    Guilty as charged here. And feel so guilty after the fact that I end up giving cuddles and running late anyway!

  10. Sometimes you need that little voice to bring you back reality and looking at things simply.

  11. Take all the cuddles you can get ladies, those precious years fly by so quickly. Love it.


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