Friday, July 12, 2013

The Weekend Rewind... now playing at Maxabella Loves

Have you met Maxabella? You'll love her. I do. The fact that we're related is entirely coincidental...

Anyhoo, the fabulous Weekend Rewind now has a new home with her. New look. New feel. New blogs to visit. New fun to be had.

It's even easier than before - you can simply link up your favourite post from the past week. How simple is that? The aim is to create a linky that brings together all the best blog posts into one spot. To make reading and visiting blogs a pleasure.

I'll be linking up each week and visiting as many blogs as I can. I'm looking forward to reading all your blogs - and finding some new ones too!

I do hope you'll join me over there!


  1. It's been ages Alli. And I think I might just link up again. xxx

  2. Happy to be on the rewind, Al! x


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