Monday, July 1, 2013

Fibro Book Club: The Rosie Project

It's fair to say that The Rosie Project is one of those word-of-mouth novels for good reason. There's a lot to talk about! For me, the book had the stamp of screenplay all over it, and not to the novel's detriment. As author Graeme Simsion revealed in his Facebook chat with the Fibro Book Club last week, the story began as a screenplay, morphed into a novel and has now been optioned as a screenplay again. Personally, I'd love to see it played out on the big screen - though we might need to have long conversations over who would play Don.

I thought the dialogue in the book was one of its absolute cornerstones. As a reader, I really enjoyed the interchanges, the different patterns of the voices, the zing of it all. As a writer, I just want to know how Graeme does it (I asked him in the chat whether he read it out loud, but, alas, he told me that after many years of screenwriting it just comes as second nature now - at which point I made a note to do a screenwriting course...)

It's a lovely, lovely book on so many levels - gentle humour, terrific pacing - but at the heart of it all is, of course, the inspired character of Don Tillman (who has his own Twitter handle if you'd like to say hello). For me, it was all driven by Don - what would he say next, what would he do next - and that made a relatively fanciful story feel real.

I'm happy to join in the general babble of happy, positive word-of-mouth that's driving this novel's success. I look forward to reading everyone else's thoughts here or over at the Fibro Club Facebook page (if you haven't joined us, come and say hello!)

PS: What do you think of this cover from the UK version of the book? 

Who do you think should play Don in the movie?


  1. I like our red cover better. Don on his bike with his servo station flowers.

    Don in the movie... Rhys Muldoon. x


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