Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bloggers without Make-up...and other conversations

It’s that time of the week when I share some of the wide variety of topics of conversation that came up through work or play in the course of life in a pink fibro.

Bloggers Without Make-up (hence pic, which is more Bloggers With Large Noses, but there you have it), UK election, KRudd vs Kerry O'Brien, why people who have been in politics five minutes get stupendous pensions for ever and ever (I'd really like an answer to this), The Great Gatsby, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, moving cupboards, growing seedlings, guitar practice, lady toys, blog layouts, doing business in the bush, Enjo, Avon, party plan, Robin Hood, agency agreements, marketing, waiting, Little Ninjas uniforms, community grants, National Walk to School Day (last week), National Families Week (next week), Julia Gillard, vegetable soup, Lego minifigures, discipline, feistiness, starting a small business, SEO, birthday presents, moisturising cream, Huggies... and when I'm going to get back to work on my 'next' book.

What came up at your place this week?


  1. To me the most striking thing about your photo is how similar you and this lovely lady look
    and in my house?
    kitty litter, sleep deprivation, Huggies, silent reflux, yelling, body image, hockey training
    and now I need to go to sleep.

  2. You look gorgeous naked (I'll have to share my pic where I am also nose-conscious)!!

    This week at our house: Melbourne suburbs, good schools via MySchool, useless furniture, the joys of riding the bus, this week's letter - W, the brightest blue hard-sided carry on I could find, asthma, fortuitous meetings, cultural differences, pre-slicing banana loaf and Toy Story (1 AND 2).

  3. What a lovely picture. I nearly missed you in my twitterfeed though. My nicknames at school were Meryl, Laura (Dern)and anyone else they could think of who had a big nose.

    We've been mostly talking about how our political situation has been more interesting than the season of The West Wing we are currently watching (although still enjoying) and whether to let our 10 year old go on a 24 hour party this weekend. The parents hosting that must be nuts.

  4. Wow. You look great! Thanks for joining in.

    In my house it was much about today, actually. That and NAPLAN (TGIO) mostly. I went to put the boys to bed last night, and was about to say, "You need to get in to bed early because it's NAPLAN tmw," and then remembered....actually....


  5. conversation at our place? Our house guest has absorbed much of our brain space - the welcome has been worn out and its time to move on. However putting this diplomatically without spoiling a friendship has been difficult.

  6. Oh wow Al. I love your photo. Love. Love. Love. You're so beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing.

    We talked about: concrete cancer, roast chicken, dancing, mess, and surf boats. Yawn.

  7. Love your pic! Very Venus indeed.

    My conversations have included with friends and spouse: the World Cup, NAPLAN, boobquake.

    With kids: self esteem, World War 2 and the Holocaust, kindness and e coli in farts.
    It's never dull.

  8. Great picture! Hmmmm... in our house: did we find all the thousand candy pieces that spilled on the floor, 2 cavities to be filled (possibly related), would Sarah Palin please just go away, divorce proceedings (sigh) and 2 pounds lost (whoppee).

    So sorry you won't be doing my full monty meme. I'm anticipating low participation...

  9. You look fantastic and look at those beautiful green eyes! xx

  10. Just lovely! Browsing around makes me realise how beautiful everyone's real faces are. You look gorgeous. x

  11. Gorgeous - Your eyes are so so beautiful!

  12. You are beautiful. Look at your gorgeous eyes.

  13. Lovely image. At our place we talked about: sick, sicker, sickest, soccer, holidays, food, living, moving and behaviour.

  14. Lovely photo, really lovely.
    And for me this week, the f#$%ing heater still not working, NAPLAN, asthma, bloggers without makeup , the state of politics, sausages, rain.

  15. You have never needed make-up Allison.

    I would like to see a smiling photo (without make-up) to make a true comparison.

  16. you really are very stunning

  17. You are so beautiful - loving the photo immensely.

    At our house, we've mainly been talking about preparing to have children this week, a serious discussion point for me and the husband.

  18. Love the photo. You have really nice eyes.
    The main topic of conversation in our house this week is how awesome it is that Mum, the puppy and I have the house all to ourselves. We really need to get out more.

  19. I think you have a wonderful nose. Pretty picture.


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