Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Searching for Truly Comprehensive Insurance

A short post today. The adrenaline has finally worn off from Friday and I’ve run out of puff. Good stuff that adrenaline. Has some kick to it.

The Builder and I are searching for a new car. We are both thinking that it’s time that insurance companies offered Truly Comprehensive Insurance (TCI). Under a TCI policy, the company would find you another car, to your specifications, and have it delivered to your door. With a driver. Without TCI, you’re left dazed and confused, with no car, no clear idea of what you’re going to buy and no real time in which to do it.

The trouble is that one car looks much like another. Strip away the advertising and you’re left with a basically grey interior, steering wheel, gear stick, brake and accelerator. Even the exterior colours seem to come down to white, silver or that weird goldy brown colour that looks faded by the sun.

The World’s Most Boring Car is starting to look good by comparison. May it rest in peace.

The worst part is that we’ll have another car to name. Just last week we had to confess to Mr6 that he has the kind of parents who name their cars. Mr3 thought it perfectly normal – he still inhabits a world where vehicles are called Scoop, Muck, Dizzy and Roary. Mr6 was less sure. Already he’s crossing over into the real world, where the stuff his parents do is bound and destined to embarrass him at some point.

Cars named Victor, Harry and Kit fall into this category. Kit, with its KnightRider overtones, is particularly good, I think.

But I reckon we can do even better with the next one. We'll dig deep to that place from whence celebrities draw their children's names and come up with a cracker. I don't see The Builder going for Apple (the [insert boring family sedan of your choice]) but Suri might work. Cruising, Suri... Oh dear. Maybe not. Mr6 is right to be very, very afraid.


  1. We have called our cars Jenny (that's mine for transporting the kids) and Fancy Dan (that's his for transporting his golf clubs) oh what a wonderful stereotype we live in.

  2. I agree about TCI - damn, can I even keep the driver?

    As for naming cars - yeah, we do it, too. My first foray into naming was my high school car - a red Chrysler Laser I named Sherry (the fact I was a fan of Journey MIGHT have had an influence). Then I had Angel - a white Ford Escort sedan. My hubby and I got his first-ever new car in Oz - a blue classic Jeep Cherokee and called her Baby. Just now I have a SUV we simply call The Beast - a too-huge green Ford Expedition.

    I think I need to start a 12-step program now that I see all of that...

  3. OMG. Kit. My daughter's talent agency reps Hasselhoff. He is very handsome, but high maintenance, she says. I name characters in search of novels, but I think your car names are totally wonderful. molly

  4. How cool that you name your cars. We have friends who did the same but they usually drove bombs. They used to make amateur films too, so Rhonda the Honda and Winona the s**t box are forever immortalised.

  5. I am loving the comments on this post - the world is full of people who name their cars! I particularly like Rhonda and Winona, though Fancy Dan cracked me up! As for Hasselhoff, I suspected high-maintenance might be on his rider...

  6. TCI is an awesome idea! My first car was a run-down gray station wagon that I called "Gravy" in honor of it's color and its exciting bonus features -- like rear defrost and a working radio. Next was a blue boat of a sedan that had that fake-wood detailing inside. That was "the Woodchuck." I think "Mario Kart" came next -- a tiny red Honda something or other that lasted a couple of months. Tell Mr6 it could definitely be worse: you could name your Christmas trees. My best friend's first Christmas tree -- Sylvia. :-)

  7. My Dad always had two cars when I was a kid. He had the "family car" that we drove to shopping, visiting family, family outings etc, and he had the "work car" - purely used to drive to work in. As he worked in workmen's clothes that got kinda grubby, it was usually a little old car. He had a little VW bug once. At the time, I was a big fan of The Muppet Show. I put a sticker of Miss Piggy on the dashboard, and that was it - the car was always known as Miss Piggy after that.

    Good luck with the car hunt!

  8. We have "The Captivator" and "Portia". I am so glad we are not the only car namers!

  9. Oh, dear, a flood of car memories and names..

    Dad's ancient VW (which frequently broke down) - the SH Model (for Sh*t Heap).

    the next VW...the IT Model (not quite as bad, but close...)

    the Chicken Van - a bright Yellow Combi....there's a VW theme here.....

    the Green Machine - my first car (remember that one?)

    Tigger - the convertible

    and too many others to name (and shame)

  10. Guilty as charged. Alan was our first car. He got burnt out in a car park.

    Suri and Cruise joke - made me laugh!


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