Thursday, May 20, 2010

What did you talk about this week?

It’s that time of the week when I share some of the wide variety of topics of conversation that came up through work or play in the course of life in a pink fibro.

Life, death, The Rolling Stones, how a song can conjure up a memory in an instant, car insurance, Camry drivers vs the rest of the world, Kerry O'Brien, why driving a Ministerial Car can be a trap for young players, The Lovely Bones, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, O magazine, guitar practice, physiotherapy, pocket money, party plan, Intimo, Robin Hood, Bear Grylls, acupuncture, waiting, push-ups (how to do them), community grants, playgrounds, an extra day at preschool, waiting, Irish stew, Lego missions, feistiness, Me & Bobby McGee, regrets, birthday presents, DVDs, firemen, policemen, paramedics... and how lovely it is when the leaves on the trees move in the wind (thank you Mr3).

What came up at your place this week?


  1. Yesterday we talked about the stages of grieving when you lose your phone, the film Seraphine, the charmlessness of Daniel Day Lewis (fine actor!), how good the strawberries are this year, the cleverness of me, the wonderful film Appaloosa, wondering why the cat howls in the morning (she's old, but is she in pain?), when will be a good time to climb into the attic, calculating the tide in order to take a picture, and the shedding of unwanted things.

    I couldn't remember further back than that!

  2. I like the fact that because of the time difference I'm often the first commenter!
    I'd like to know what you were saying about The Lovely Bones.

    What came up at my place? Where to hang pictures, whether cat gut was really used to string tennis rackets, the curse of The Wire, regrets (popular topic), when the 2 year old is ready for a bed.

  3. Lego missions - wish I could listen in on that convo :)

    Here goes.

    New Baby Smell, Christmas Day preparations and how I want no part of this insane talk in MAY, Wet Patches, Tampons in the mouth, Tennis Raquets, Dry Socket, Squillion dollars, Year 6 Disco, Transformers, Have you rang Janelle, Coffee on Saturday, MRI's, No work today.

    OK, have a great weekend. Still chuckling over the most boring car in the world call.


  4. @Tricia Rose 'The cleverness of me' - I'd love to have that conversation

    @deerbaby Was discussing watching The Lovely Bones on DVD. The Builder is keen to see, but I loved the book so much I'm not sure I want to watch...

    @so Now What? Lego missions is an ongoing and endless convo - be happy you're out of it.

  5. Nothing too heavy this week. 8 times tables, facebook privacy, scales (the musical kind), sleep cycles, birthdays. (Lots of talk about birthdays, since someone is turning 12 next week, and is making sure nobody forgets.)

  6. this week was dominated by talk of the fun-run, but also Huggies, site design, sleeplessness, Alastair Campbell, invoices, hockey, nits and pedicures.
    And I hope you are recovering well. x


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