Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Advance Australian Blogs

Every once in a while, Maxabella from Maxabella Loves runs a post she calls Blogalicious. Little blogs that she loves. It's a lovely idea. Which is why I'm going to steal be inspired by it.

In honour of the fact that January 26 is Australia Day, I hereby present my nominations for this year's Australia Day Honours List. Little Aussie blogs that can - and do. Of course, the biggest problem with a list like this is limiting it. I'd put in every Australian blog if I could, but that wouldn't make for a succinct blog post. So I've chosen five old favourites, and five that are new (or newish) to me. All are flying the flag for Aussie blogs. All are blogalicious.

So Now What?
Life and Other Crises
Not Drowning, Mothering
Ah, The Possibilities
Diminishing Lucy

Keep Cate Busy
Big Words Blog
Life On Planet Baby
Life In The Country
The Byron Life

So, tell me, who would you put on your Australia Day Honours List for Blogging? Give me your top five and let's hand out a few OAMB awards.

{image: Caroline's Cake Company}


  1. Life In The Country! I used to read that one. I'm going to have to hop on over and do some serious catching up there.

  2. Okay, my five are:

    Meet me at Mikes - meetmeatmikes.com
    Much Love - http://muchlove-anna.blogspot.com/
    Wolf and Willow - http://www.wolfandwillowblog.com/
    Daydream Lily - http://www.daydreamlily.com/
    Calico & co - http://calicoandco.blogspot.com/

  3. It's great to get links to such great blogs. Thank you!

  4. You rock. Thank you. I have a big silly grin on my face now.

    Will pop back tomorrow with a select five...

  5. Thank you Al. Happy Australia Day to you! As you know, I've totally recycled by Australia Day post. The only changes are that Michael Clarke and Butterbingle are no longer together and Triple J hasn't leaked the winner in 2011!


    Love your work lovely lady xxx

  6. Love your list. You've included many of my favourites.

    I'd also add yours (of course), mine (naturally, since I'm particularly amazing) and for sheering inspiring awesomeness Cate Bolt (http://catherinebolt.com/)

    Also Cate Pearce's I'll Think of a Title Later (http://catep36.blogspot.com/)

    And a relative newcomer to my must read blog list: Where's My Glow (http://www.wheresmyglow.com/)

  7. Thanks @Jess and @Susan - all fantastic choices. The pretty brigade provided by @Jess have really lifted the gorgeous factor, and I love the two Cates as well as Glowless, as well.

    I can see this is going to keep me busy!

  8. What a fabulous idea! I've been thinking I need to share the love and so many of the fabulous blog around. Share the love I say. Don't hog the good blogs! xx

  9. One of my favourite Aussie Blogs is Where's My Glow?. Glowless makes me laugh loudly and often.

  10. Totally honoured Allison. Thank you. I just spent the last half an hour going through trying to do a list but found it nearly impossible because there are so many wonderful ones. I'll do it tomorrow when I am less sleepy! Again, thank you x

  11. I must say, this Australian blog community is amazing! Such great stories and images and the sense of sharing!

    This is a great list, I look forward to discovering some new blogs!

  12. Oh! I'm so thrilled! THANK YOU DARLING!!!
    I find it very very VERY hard to pick out just five (but LOVE those you listed....). However, I just discovered this little blog http://www.showandtellideas.blogspot.com/ which is definitely worth checking out.
    Happy Aust Day to all! And may the blog ideas run wild and free, in and out of the Pink Fibro.... xxxxxxx

  13. Good List I havent read those blogs. I would nominate http://frogpondsrock.com for her amazing photos

    and http://www.mythreeringcircus.com/ for the same reason

  14. I meant it is good to have a list of new blogs to read. I am going now.

  15. Thanks for creating such a great list to check out! Many of your old favs are mine too.
    Another one I like (which I've just discovered) is Gifts of Serendipity.

    Thanks so much Kerri for mentioning my blog. Am totally "high" as we speak, just from your vote of confidence!!

  16. Thanks for pointing me in the direction of some fantastic new reads! This sort of thing is great for us virgin-bloggers. Happy Australia Day from Hong Kong! x

  17. Honoured!!
    Thanks Al - I will have to choose five too. Love the idea of an AOMB :)

  18. Oh, Allison, you kind soul! Thanks so much for thinking of my little spot in Blogland. And now I've added another 3 beauties to my Google Reader - thanks for the hot tips ☺.

    Hmm, I would choose:

    * Gifts of Serendipity
    * Maxabella Loves
    * Emma Burgess
    * Oesch & Doots
    * Wicker & Stitch

    This is a fab idea. You're a legend! J x

  19. What a fab idea! Here's my five Aussie bloggers I ADORE (in no particular order):

    74 Lime Lane - http://74limelane.com.au/blog/
    One Craftee Mumma - http://www.tamryder.blogspot.com/
    August Empress - http://www.augustempress.com/
    Maken Art - http://blog.brownpaperbunny.com/
    Calico & Co - http://calicoandco.blogspot.com/

  20. Thanks everyone for your suggestions - am looking forward to visiting the ones unfamiliar to me. :-)

  21. Thanks gorgeous. I'm blushing to be named with such great blogs. You know my list would definitely include your wonderful blog. One of my favourites xx

  22. Thanks for stopping by and congrats on your 1 year blogiversary as well! :)

  23. Thanks for stopping by and congrats on your 1 year blogiversary as well! :)

  24. Still catching up on blog posts I missed while my computer was kaput - and look what I find!! Thank you so much Allison!! I am so honoured to be included in your OAMB list - I had no idea :-)

    Seriously, thanks!! You've made my evening ♥


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