Friday, January 21, 2011

Weekend Rewind

Can it be the weekend already? My, doesn't time fly when you drag the kids off to a week of intensive swimming lessons. (Note: if there were a sarcasm font, I would be using it right there.)

So, for some fun. First of all, I'd like to point out that not too many people sing songs about February. I thought I'd keep the theme of my themes going by introducing this week's Mixed Tape Rewind theme as February with a song - but there are slim pickings, folks. We can choose from:

'February brings the rain' (Julie London)
'February stars' (Foo Fighters)
'One February Friday' (Frankie Goes to Hollywood)
'Xmas in February' (Lou Reed)

I'd sing them for you, but I know none of them. So, without further ado, let's get on with the linky. The Rewind is, of course, the classic post linky - an opportunity to dust off an old post for some new comment love. This week, please drag out a masterpiece from February last year, if you can, or, if you can't, find me one with some LOVE in it. The highlight of February is Valentine's Day, so that's near enough.

To play along, simply follow the Fibro if we're not already acquainted, pop your post in the linky and then visit a couple of other links for some commenting magic. To get you started, I give you this post about the night that FebFast finally hit home.

Look forward to checking out all your posts!

And don't forget the other highlights of weekend linky love: Jen at The King and Eye features Blog Gems, another great excuse to air your archives, and Maxabella Loves has a whole lot of Grateful going on.


  1. Had to go with the love theme, I am too new for a former Febby one.

    And, I think I will be first!

  2. Ummm. February. Off for a look-see now...

  3. Can we create a sarcasm font? I need one too!

  4. I messed up I'm naughty for not reading first ... I picked a link from 2009 and then came by & posted it stat. I then read the rules (sorry) I have now corrected it.

  5. I have zero Feb posts so love it has to be... which has resulted in me noticing a glaring hole in my blog. Not many posts to choose from!!! What is that? ME without LOVE posts? Something is amiss...

    So, love in a cold climate is getting rewind. Thanks Al. x

  6. I hope you don't mind...I posted one from Jan last year, because I fear I'll forget what I have and haven't 're-posted' so I'm trying to keep it to the whole Jan 09/Jan 10 thing, ya know?

    HOWEVER...good news is, what I wrote about I think happened in Feb. I'm pretty sure (second day of school). It's not really about love, but I did think my teacher at the time was HOT, so maybe it was a kind of love thing?

    Ok, I'm rambling trying to cover up that I've broken the rules.

    Will I be thrown out for not following the rules? I'm usually such a rule follower.


  7. Yep, no feb post from me either - and I'm a little light on the love ones too (not a PDA kinda gal, me). So mine is love for everyone...not just the smoochy kind :-)

    have a great weekend

  8. Oh and PS, you should try being the one teaching those intensive swimming programs!!! I have no voice left!!!

  9. Thanks for doing these, Allison. I haven't written much for a while, so it's good to go back in time for some inspiration....

  10. Wow, February. I hardly remember February... :)

  11. Great idea for a linky. I might play along in the future.

    I was just dropping by to say I have passed you the Sylyish Blogger Award. Pick it up from:



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