Friday, January 14, 2011

Weekend Rewind

Do you remember that song by Pilot called 'January'? It went something like this: "January, sick and tired, you've been hanging on me, you make me sad with your eyes, you're telling me lies..." and then there was some kind of wailing.

That's kind of how I'm feeling about January right now. Enough already.

But we're halfway there and, better still, it's time for Weekend Rewind. To mix it up and make it interesting (as we cool music-types like to say), I'm giving the old mixed tape a theme this week. It's - you guessed it - January. So check your archives and wheel out a post from January - this year, last year, 2009, I don't mind.

Here at the world's easiest linky we like to keep things simple, so the rules are as follows: follow the Fibro if you're not already a friend, choose a favourite vintage post, link it up for some comment love, and then go visit a few other linkyers, just to share the love. Weekend Rewind is your opportunity to get some new comment love for an old post - be sure to pick a few links and return the favour.

Okay, ready, steady, Rewind.

PS: Don't forget to visit Jen at The King and Eye on Sunday - she runs an awesome archive linky called Blog Gems that allows you to get some cross-hemisphere love for your posts. And, as always, Grateful to Maxabella for her Saturday love-in. She's tops, you know, and I don't even say that because we share a gene pool.


  1. Well how about that. In the spirit of all things New Years resolution, I already had a Jamuary kind of post picked out...

  2. I can't believe I actually remembered to come here on Friday and link up. Yay me triumphing over my sieve-like brain! (It HAD been a steel trap before my kids sucked half my brain cells out.)

    I wasn't blogging yet last January (newbie here) so I had to pick one from this month... and since I'm all upside down on the Northern Hemisphere it's about SNOW.

  3. Ooops... silly me. I had already made up my mind and posted a Brisbane blog I did in February last year, even before I read your posting. Isn't that bad manners! Sorry about that, Allison. Ummm, errr, does February count as very very late January by any stretch?

  4. @Jamie - February is always January when it comes to old friends. :-)

  5. I'm talking about girls and pink. A post from last Jan. Thanks for hosting. This is a fun linky!

  6. Sorry, I wasn't blogging last jan - so how about really really late dec??

  7. Hi..I'm a new follower! I remember the January song! Great inspiration for a theme. Have linked my post. Off to check out the other blogs :)

  8. I am The Newbie - I'm only one month old. I'm still waking every 2-3 hours for feeds and hard to settle.
    And my post? Its not my first choice as its from yesterday, but hopefully it gives someone a giggle. :)

  9. I took the serious road and posted about Haiti. It's hard to believe it's been a year since that horror was visited to the world.

    On another note, I think January always begins with such possibilities and those possibilities wear thin on about the eight day. Bring on February!

  10. I've rewound all the way to earlier this week. This is my first January blogging so my options were limited...

    I've decided to put a 'rewind' button on the end of my Saturday posts. How else are you going to get a bit of love? That's the trouble with 'Rewind', Fibro isn't on the post! x

  11. It's always good to try something new in a 'newish' year and although I've looked at your fabulous linky many, many times this is the first I've actually got my bloggy butt into gear and joined in - thanks for the opportunity to meet some new bloggers - I'm spying Hibiscus Bloem in your sidebar as I type and think I might have to wander over and say 'Hi!'.

    Here's to a weekend of sunshine,

    Felicity x

  12. January does not seem to be one of my productive months, writing wise. Although I did start my blog two years ago in January. I've linked to my second ever post - the reality of life as a single mum hit home hard....

  13. I remember the song well - I think my neighbour and I made up a dance routine to this when we were about 7!! I have all go intentions to kick-start the year with a good old clearout in Jan, but can hardly believe we are halfway through already and all I've managed is a few bags to the charity shop! Must do better! Happy weekend.

  14. Wow, talk about a rewind. I pulled out my fourth post ever, from last January. One whole comment. But it's still one of my favorite posts.

  15. I've never had a blogging January before..but was just thinking this time next year my flood posts will be part of my blogging history...part of the diary of my life! It will be interesting to see how we move on from these events.

  16. Hi Allison

    I'm delighted to meet you! I look forward to linking up next week - I"m a new follower - and I'd be delighted if you joined me at Create With Joy!


  17. That's quite weird. That's one of the first record I ever bought. And it was only playing in the supermarket the other day. Pilot.

    Sick and tired You've Been Hanging on me
    You make me sad with your eyes
    You're telling me Lies
    Don't Go
    Don't Go!!


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