Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Words on high rotation

A new crop of words has appeared in the Fibro. Kid words. On high rotation. Poo. Bum. Wee. Dumb dumb.

Conversations now go like this:

"You're a poo."

"No, you're a poo."

"Well, you're a weehead."

"Well, you're a poobumhead."

"Well, you're a-"

It's at this point that a shrieking harridan (that would be me) usually intervenes and threatens bodily harm should they so much as think the word poo in the next ten minutes. All is silent. Then I hear the whispers:

"You're still a poo.."

Please tell me this is one of those phases that won't last long.

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  1. Its the same in my house. Potty words.
    Today I went to the supermarket and left the boys in the car for 4 minutes. Maybe 5.
    When I got back in the car, Mr 2 said "Sorry mum". Mr 4 was smirking.
    "Sorry for what?" i asked.
    "Potty words" Mr 2 offered. Hard to be angry when he is so willing to apologise, even though I didn't hear the words in the first place.
    I don't think it ends for boys. Sorry. :(

  2. Oh gosh, it's not just boys...girls do it too!!! In fact I've banned 'bum' in our house to give them a swear word (so they don't go looking for one). So now if they want to be truely rude they say 'bum' - I feign horror and digust at their horrible language...and everyone's happy (oh and 'fart' is banned too...we say 'fluffy' - far more ladylike :-))

  3. let them play, don't be a poo-bum-wee=head!


    - tork

  4. it's funny to think we can be worried about these words! My kids today were talking about their cousins and how they speak to each other " get the *&%# lost, you *%#@" - I think poo bum and wee head are great!

    My kids think 'shutup' is a terrible swear word and they are 11,9 and 6!

    Rach xo (:

  5. Al, I reprimand mine for "toilet humour" and "toilet teasing" all the time. But I get sprung giggling at them too....

    And the lovely husband is impressive with his ability to replace almost any song lyric with "bum", "fart" and "poo".

    I have no hope....

  6. I think I would burst out laughing. Because deep down I'm still about 6 years old. : )

  7. These are very popular words at our place, too.

  8. I guess 'poo', 'bum', 'fart' and 'wee' to small children are like what swear words are to us. We just grow up a bit and adopt new words, though bum still sounds funny to me :P

    Smart move, Cate :) and I'm still laughing at 'fluffy' :D

  9. If my partner is any indication, you have at least another 35 years or so to look forward to.

  10. This is so funny! I think every child goes through long as they don't graduate to far more offensive language and you act suitably horrified they will settle down..I guess the words are so new to them they have a fixation on them!

  11. oh thankgoodness you posted this!!! It's the same here!! I get those types of convo's all too! I was discussing it with a girlfriend who has a son the same age and mine - and so I say to her
    "When will they grow out of it?"
    her hubby walks past
    "never" - he says "us boys always think poo, bum and fart words will be funny!


    oh dear - we are doomed

  12. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but, it's not a short lived phase. The words just become more unacceptable. They are boys. They are going to grow into swearing feral creatures for a number of years until they eventually tone it down, around 18/19. You're welcome. :)

  13. Ha - I completely second what Annie just said.

    Great news: these phrases won't last.

    Terrible news: these phrases will morph into shocking, unnacceptable swear words. And you will pine longingly for the days of poobumwee.

  14. Yep, mother of 5 boys here, and they never grow out of it.

    I gave my kids 'swear' words to use when they were little.
    Rats, and phooey-guts.

    They were only for 'special' occasions though.

  15. Watching Adam Hills last night, when they interviewed Asha Keddy (or however you spell it). As soon as they said Ita Buttrose my kids (nearly 13 and 10) just burst out laughing. "Buttrose"
    It never ends...

    We nipped the potty talk in the bud when they were too little to understand that you don't say these things in front of, say, Great-Nanna. But now it's all good for a laugh.

  16. OMG, I so love this bit of childhood. The sneaky 'poo poo head' is just fabulous, don't you think? They think they are so very naughty and clever and all that... and it's, well, poo. Sorry, I don't really know why I find it so hysterically funny. I'm still dealing with The Badoo running around saying 'fox sake' so, you know... what do I know? x

  17. Poo, bum, wee, fart, vomit ...
    And that's all I've got to say about that.

  18. Can you believe the word verification thingo just then was descrude.

    Yes des is crude ...

  19. We are living in parallel universes! That is the same conversation I hear daily.

    My personal favourite is when I'm called a "Bum bum head"

  20. I am going to make a cup of hot tea after reading Annie and Eden's comments. And keep giggling quietly at my kids while "poo, bum, wee" echoes around my house.

  21. "brown words" we call them … funny how the need for outrage seems to be ingrained in all humans!

    enjoy the poo/wee phase … it gets worse as they replace their 'invented' swear words with a few choice numbers form the playground.


  22. grrr … school holidays! that would be me, not Lewis, making the above comment

  23. We never grow out of the "poo, bum, wee" phase. If we did, all of us readers would be shocked and appalled at the behavior of your children. Instead, we are all laughing and thinking "He said bum, hilarious!"

  24. You could try insisting those words are only to be said outside, then send them outside everytime they start. It's more effective if outside is uncomfortable due to rain/wind/snow/whatever...

    But realistically speaking, I'd say ignore it as much as you can because it probably won't stop anytime soon.

  25. Well my daughter is three and right now it seems like she is obsessed with wee and poo to the point where I am losing the will to live. I'm thinking of bribing her not to tell people in the supermarket that she just did a big poo this morning that looked like a crocodile!

  26. My daughter has already started some of this. "Bum" *cue laughter*, "Bum face!" *cue hysterical laughter* - and so on.

    She's 2.

    Kill me now.

  27. We're in the poo phase & have recently adding fart *giggle* to the arsenal as well. It's not just fart though, it's always fart with a giggle after.

  28. I'm a little worried. That conversation is pretty standard in our household. The problem is other than the pets, there is no one in our household under 30.....

    Wondering what that says about us?


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