Friday, June 10, 2011

Weekend Rewind

No time for a lengthy intro this week. We're going straight into the radio-friendly version of the Weekend Rewind... maybe I'll back-announce at the end. If you're new to our friendly linky, welcome. The drill is this:

*Please follow the Fibro if we are not already friends

*Link up an old post for some new comment love - anything from your archives will do

*Please visit as many of the other links as you can to share the comment love. Comments make the Weekend Rewind go round.

The theme this week is... children/childhood. You've either got some children or you've been one, so I'm hoping that this will be an easy one for everyone. Looking forward to seeing what you have for me! Remember that I tweet/stumble the posts that resonate with me, hopefully bringing some extra action to your blog.

My offering this week involves one of the Big conversations that parents have with children. It's called Where Angels Fear To Tread.

Okay. That's it. Ready, set... Rewind!


  1. I am so mising playing along with this fab linky!!! But I swear I will finish my report writing this weekend (only about 60 to go!! phew!!) - and then I'll be back next weekend

  2. I am in. And now to bed. I shall trawl tomorrow...

    Have a good long weekend Al,


  3. I've added two this week, hope that's alright? Some oldies which would be good to air out this week...

  4. No worries Dorothy - you are a such a regular that you get to have two this week. :-)

  5. Yay! My fave topic;)Happy weekend, everyone:)

  6. So many to chose from ..... I do love a Rewind!

  7. I love Friday rewind! I'm grabbing your button finally, just figured out how to do it this getting techie!

  8. I LURVE rewind! So many good reads, so many new paths to follow...

  9. Weekend Rewind Rocks!

    Love & stuff
    Mrs M

  10. Hello my friend, thank you very much for your kind visit in Literatura & Linguagens. Have a lovely weekend and enjoy. Warm regards from Rio de Janeiro/ Brasil.

  11. Well thanks and no thanks! Have just spent a serious couple of hours (with a few laugh out loud moments)trapped in the rewind tonight! My longlist still awaits me - but oh so much fun to read so many great posts about the brilliant kidfolk who rock our lives on a daily basis!

  12. hii friend, your artickel it's very beautiful.....
    amazing, good....

    you can visit my blog or follow my blog in link here OK....


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