Friday, June 24, 2011

Weekend Rewind

Welcome to the last Weekend Rewind at the Fibro. Sad, but true. The Rewind is moving to a brand new home as of next weekend,where it will reside, safe in the hands of Multiple Mum (aka Sister C) and her lovely band of bloggers.

I hope that you'll all continue to link up your old posts for new comment love - you're bound to make even more new friends. And, while I will miss having the Rewind on the premises, I will still be a regular visitor, commenting, tweeting and Stumbling.

Anyhoo, let's get on with this before I start to sob. I'm an ugly crier. Red-faced and blotchy. Nobody needs to see that. The drill remains the same: link up an old post, and comment, comment, comment. Comments make the Weekend Rewind go round.

This week, the theme is ... endings. Any blog post you have about something finishing up.

My post is called Be Careful What You Wish For. Can't wait to see what you have for me!

Next week, I'll see you at And Then There Were Four (don't worry, I'll continue to post a little Weekend Rewind pointer post to show you the way).

Okay then. Ready, set... Rewind!


  1. I am a horrible crier as well - I stay puffy and blotchy all day! My best friend can ball her eyes out, wipe away the tears, and look perfect - it annoys me greatly. LOL

  2. I just wanted to say thank you for letting us rewind at the Fibro! Your linky has always been my favourite, and if it weren't for weekend rewind, I'd probably have given up blogging long ago. (No sh*t!!)
    So glad it's moving to MM's blog. Yay! I don't know how she does it ... let alone a blog hop.
    Cheers to having your weekends back to yourself again. You can visit my retirement home if you like. I think you'd be comfy there. xo

  3. Thanks so much for running this link for so long. It always provides lots of weekend reading material.

    The link between your them and my post this week is tenuous at best. Sorry!

    Enjoy your weekend.

  4. I do ugly crying so well too! Thank you for hosting rewind.

  5. Thanks so much for hosting the rewind. I really loved it! Boo hoo

  6. you've been a great host, thank you Allison.

    my eyes wear tears for hours! I hate it. I have quarterly breakdowns at work and EVERYBODY can tell from my red blood shot eyes.


  7. Thank you, Allison! I'll continue to follow you and check in but I'll miss your rewind posts.

  8. Thank you for hosting this for so long Allison, it's been great, especially when I'm too busy to write something new and when I'm looking for something to read. I wonder have you other plans?

  9. Oh no! That's so sad! Thankfully your lovely sister will be taking things on board:) It's been such fun being apart of Rewind at The Fibro. Thank you so much, Allison:) xxx

  10. I just popped in after a long time away to say hello and saw this was your last rewind. Thanks so much for being a gorgeous host. It has been lovely. And welcome to your uber cool sister xx

  11. You've done a brilliant job with the rewind! Will still come to visit and chat:)

  12. I feel sad that you won't be hosting anymore, this is one of my favourite blog link ups of all.

    I hope you're ok?

  13. The Rewind will indeed be in safe hands; thank you for being such a lovely host.

  14. Al, I shall wait with baited breath to read what you are doing with your extra time now that you are not rewinding!

    I think I may have added multiple links - my internet is so dodgy today - so you may get two of my old posts for the price of one as a last hurrah...

    I shall continue to rewind with your lovely sis.


  15. End of an era. Really sad yet exciting, if that makes sense?

    Still will be following and keeping track.

  16. To the hostess with the mostess, thanks for gathering us all together every weekend to inspire us to dust off some old faves and enjoy a walk down memory lane!

  17. Sob! You know I'm red faced and blotchy right beside you, Al. Still, if we MUST visit Coo each Saturday... x

  18. I was sick and out most of the week and return to this most sad news about Rewind not residing at the Fibro.

    Thank you for being such a lovely hostess. Your thoughtful comments are valued as much as your insightful posts. I wish you great success.

  19. Oh, too sad! But good for MM! Love that you're sharing such a successful blog hop.

    Have a great week. xx


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