Friday, June 17, 2011

Weekend Rewind

Don't you love the way a long weekend makes the whole week shorter. It seems like only yesterday that we were Rewinding, and already it's time to go again. I've decided to make it really easy this week. No theme. Just a post you love. Any post you love. The only criteria is that it must be one that was written sometime before today.

We shall call it the Favourite Things Rewind. And all you must do to contribute is to follow the Fibro, link up an old post for some new comment love, and then - and here's the dealbreaker - comment on as many of the other links as you can manage. Comments make the Weekend Rewind go round.

So that's it. My post this week is all about the Magic of Childhood.

Can't wait to see yours. Ready, set... Rewind!


  1. Thanks Allison for rewinding. I love Fridays!

  2. You know when you write a post that you just LOVE and then no-one reads it and maybe you've linked to it from your own blog about, oh, 27 times and still no-one reads it? Well, that's the post I'm linking up today. Thanks Al. x

  3. I love a good rewind. Can't wait to catch up on some blog reading later!

  4. I'm having even more fun than usual with today's rewind.

    I've found so many new blogs to follow from all over the world.

    Thanks, Allison, for hosting.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  5. Hi, I'm rewinding here for the first time - looking forward to reading everyone else's 're-wound' posts!

  6. Another rewinding virgin here! I have always loved this blog, so thought I might as well join in on the fun. I'm really looking forward to checking out some of the other blogs on the list.

  7. I've only been blogging for a few weeks and happened across yours via 'blogs of note'. I've really enjoyed reading your blog and 'getting to know you'.
    This week I dived in with the weekend rewind and it's changed my blogging experience for the better.
    I've never had a comment on my blog before and I've acquired a follow!
    I've commented on other peoples blogs for the first time and also started to follow some interesting people.
    Thank you so much for opening up my blogging world.
    Alison x

  8. Love finding all the new and different blogs here!

  9. P.S...I've only ever had two comments left on my blog posts. EVER! And they were from family members. I'm wondering if my blog completely sucks. If someone leaves a comment on my post as a result of this rewind, I think I'll almost poop myself with excitement!! Well....maybe not. But by crikey I'll be excited!!

  10. Hey! I linked to the AusBlogCon post - - one of my fave things this year :)
    So glad I am finally involved in this.

  11. Great post - I've found some awesome blogs to read. Thanks!!

  12. I must start joining your weekend re-wind again. I really enjoy it.~!


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