Thursday, March 1, 2012

A few of my favourite blogs

I've been thinking a lot about blogging this week. Possibly to help me procrastinate when I was supposed to be doing other kinds of writing. Whatevs. Maybe blogging is on my mind because I'm aware that I haven't been reading as many as usual of late. And I hate missing out.

Anyhoo, I thought I'd round off this week of not-much-blogging by blogging about blogging. Specifically, some of my favourite blogs. I will not include the usual suspects here - Maxabella, Multiple Mum, Lucy, Eden, Woogs, and the delightful Chantelle at FatMumSlim all know that they are high on my list of daily must-reads.

No, I thought I'd share some of my other faves. The ones that give me 'oh, I wish I'd written that' moments.

Karen at The Rhythm Method is not blogging much at the moment because she is diving deep into a new degree. But I love her writing. As Eden said recently, "my goodness. Karen can write. Like, WRITE. A swirly real writerly writer. Each post a delicious feast". Amen to that.

I love Angela at Yes, Dear, because she makes me laugh, makes me think, and makes me feel as though we're having a conversation. I'm always happy to see her little yellow avi in my Facebook feed.

Jennifer at A Sampler writes beautiful words about everyday things. Sometimes there's a little fiction. Sometimes a little home truth or two.

Gill at InkPaperPen is inspirational. Her  Write On Wednesday meme is always full of surprises. If you have an itch to write fiction, join her group!

Tinsen Pup is another blog I always look out for. She's been quiet lately, but her posts are so lyrical and poetic that I couldn't leave her off this list. Not always easy reading, but always memorable.

I'll stop at five. There are so many! But I need to leave a few for another post...

In other news, I sent my revised manuscript back to PanMacmillan today. On time. And with much trepidation. Now to wait for the news that (hopefully) all is well. Waiting I can do. I'm very used to waiting.

[image: beautiful print from alifethroughthelens/etsy]


  1. Thankyou Alison for sharing these - great discoveries for me! x Andrea

  2. Some lovely new blogs to explore. Thanks for sharing and recommending.
    So many blogs, so little time.

  3. A shout out for the quiet ones on the blogging circuit. Yay! These are some of my favourites too. For we don't all come wearing big brave boots in the blogosphere, but sometimes these quiet voices say the most surprising, beautiful, insightful things.
    Awesome news on the manuscript front! I hope you're celebrating with some new post-it notes. A girl can't have too many of those. x

  4. I love the pic you chose for this post. It reminds me of my {very} old Remington, only mine was cream, not grey. I so wish I had of kept it.

    All the best on your manuscript. How very exciting!

  5. Ooh I love a good blog share. Some of those area already on my list! Good luck with the manuscript. x

  6. Congrats on sending through your transcript. Kx

  7. I love Rhythm Method too and wish Karen would come back! But I know you're busy Karen :)

  8. Looking forward to reading the ones I'm not familiar with, thanks! Super big congrats on the manuscript too. It must be very hard work indeed. X

  9. Hey Al, thank you for including me as a usual suspect. That makes me very happy.

    Your manuscript: I feel like a pround auntie or sister or godmother or something: clucking with pride at each new step. This writing a novel business: SO similar to having a baby! Xx

  10. Loving this list, Al - some newies to check out so thanks! I can't wait to hear your latest fabulous news...J x

  11. Thanks, Al. You've been getting around to pastures new... I'm not familiar with many on your list, although I did check out that awe-inspiring post by Yes, Dear yesterday and I've since become addicted to her blog.

    I'm missing Karen too. I never miss a post. x

    1. Wow @Maxabella! Between you and Allison, you have both just made my day! Thank you :0)

  12. Some great blogs Al that I am looking forward to reading. Thanks for sharing. And all fingers, toes, eyes crossed for the manuscript xx

  13. I'm getting a T-Shirt printed up saying, "I AM ALLISON TAITS USUAL SUSPECT."

    Love that you shared link love to such a beautiful variety. xx

    1. ... as soon as you tell me where the apostrophe goes.


  14. Absolutely HONOURED Allison!!! Thank you so much for mentioning Yes, Dear (and with such generous sentiments x).
    You have said exactly what I have been thinking as of late ... about not getting to read enough of the blogs I love. I am determined to schedule it in to these hectic days!
    Have a gorgeous weekend x

  15. Oh thank-you so much for such a beautiful comment about my poor neglected blog! And just when I was thinking of hanging up my blogging boots because I feel pulled in so many directions!
    Well done on the manuscript & I hope you get some feedback soonish. The waiting can be a bit of an ordeal, but I'd love to learn your tricks for being good at waiting... I'm terrible.


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