Sunday, March 4, 2012

A real pain in the neck

My weeks of frantic typing have caught up with me. I have an industrial injury. And, no, it's not a paper cut.

When you sit at a computer, day after day, fingers flying over a keyboard, your muscles and tendons get a work out. And not in a good way.

I woke up this morning feeling as though my shoulders had migrated their way up and settled somewhere around my ears. My neck, unhappy with this prima donna behaviour, had gone on strike.

A reminder, once again, that ergonomics are important.

All I can do is take pain relief, and rest. Before booking an appointment with someone, anyone, tomorrow. Oh, and keep this post short.

As work-related injuries go, it's not glamorous. But then, neither is a paper cut - and no-one can deny the pain of those!

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  1. Rest, Ms A. Rest, and a jolly good chiro/massage/faith healer tomorrow. x

  2. Eeeek!

    Would swimming help?


    Drugs? Wine?

    Hope you get good appt. with someone who has magic fingers!

  3. i recommend anyone with neck/shoulder pain due to lack of or repetitive movement to try wear a NECKBRACE over night. forcing to neck in a (healthy)straight position and the warmth (yeah its a bit Yuck in summer) can't do no harm and most people feel better x they are not dear, get you size at the pharmacy..

  4. SNAP! Sitting on the couch with my laptop in my lap to catch up on reading blogs last night found me waking up this morning with a super sore neck. I could take out shares in Neurofen!

    My dining chair probably wouldn't pass an ergonomics test but you've made me think about my posture.

    Hope your neck is feeling better soon. And I agree - I think those Carry On Bandaids would work a treat! :-)

  5. Poor you! I have a similar injury. I saw the physio a few weeks ago and it she described my neck as 'like concrete'. SO that's where those headaches have been coming from ...
    Take care of yourself. A wheat bag draped around your collar can be a really nice, short term relief until you get in to see someone. x

  6. I've just come out of a couple of months with a physio, working on my shoulders and neck. So much pain from sitting badly at the computer. What annoys me is that I can do all these active, crazy things and I'm fine - sit down at a desk and I injure myself. Silly really.

    Hope you find some good help to clear it up quickly.

  7. Mmmm - I get these. Heat packs, nurofen (if you can tolerate it) and blasting it with a hot shower now and then seem to help.

    Good luck!

  8. Ouch. A pain in the neck affects the entire body. Get yourself off for a massage. And step away from the computer.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  9. Ouch. Rest, rest, rest. And how good are Urban Outfitters?!

  10. It is why the big companies practice such detailed and thorough ergonomic reviews of their workspaces. Such a painful injury and so unnecessary it seems too. One of those things we take for granted when we sit at a desk for hours on end. Hope you're feeling a little better today and definitely get that chair and table sorted out asap.
    LOVE the band aids, I think I need some too xo

  11. Remedial massage is great for treating and helping further problems.

  12. I know that pain well. Am completely neglecting my body for the first six months of this year in order to meet deadlines. It's very naughty, I know. Hope you feel better soon! Might have to get me some of those bandaids as well -- of course!

  13. Oh dear. Hope you feel better soon. I want those band aids please.

  14. I hope your pain clears up soon. I know this pain too well. I spent so much money on physios, chiros and massages in the last year. Ergonomics ARE important.

  15. Magnesium! Grab some capsules from the vitamin section of your supermarket. They really work.
    And try these tricks too -
    1. Buy a mouse mat with a built-in pad (Officeworks has them) or just pop a little rolled-up face washed under your wrists when you use the mouse. (It stops wrist injuries and strain)
    2. Put a small foot rest under your desk to sit your feet on. (I just use a hard A4 box - so glamorous here!) That stops your legs and feet from swelling up, and also straightens your back at the same time.
    3. Buy a proper work chair (again, Officeworks has them for $99) and put 2 cushions under your bum. That will lift you up slightly.

    All of these things really do help. I had to stop writing a book 2 years ago because I started suffering severe wrist pain. A physio friend had been warning me about the dangers of writing for years but I never listened. Now I do!

  16. No matter how busy you are, you must take time to rest. Put your health first before anything else. Anyway, if you’re experiencing neck pain, instead of taking medication, try consulting a chiropractor. Always choose healing the natural way.


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