Monday, March 12, 2012

Learning new things at school

At the end of last year, when he was still Mr4, Mr5 founded the Cuddle Club. Fam Fibro were all founding members, after which he would pounce on people who visited, signing them up. Membership of the club cost one cuddle, and there were additional cuddling benefits promised throughout the year.

Fast-forward three months. Mr5 is now at school. He has posted a new sign on his door (see image). He has learnt the word 'sexy', though he does not know what it means. I asked him. He told me that it means 'you're the best'. The boy who liked to spy on birds now has two girlfriends and is talking about getting married. When he is angry, he tells me he won't be my friend anymore. When a dog put its nose up my skirt the other day (don't ask), he laughed and said 'He's trying to sniff your undies, Mum."

Oh yes, he's learning a lot at school.

In the midst of our 'we don't' conversations (as in we don't have girlfriends in kindy/use the word sexy at five/tell people we hate them/use the phrase 'sniff your undies'), I find myself longing for Alla Hoo Hoo. Surely a woman with 98 children would have a few words of wisdom for Mr5.

I wonder if mums are allowed to have imaginary friends?


  1. Tee hee, this is where real parenting begins, reminding them of what you find acceptable, not their friends!! Wait until the school ground sex talk, this is why i've talked about sex with my children since they were tiny, so they can tell the no-it-all-with-the-big-brother-who-said-you-can-get-pregnant-off-a-toilet-seat it's RUBBISH. I should quantify that i didn't just sit down & talk sex with my 4, they started asking questions very young out of interest & i was happy to answer scientifically with a "that's all you need to know for now" as you know, they were like 3.
    Sniffing knickers?? When that fun awkward moment happens i say loudly "oh can you smell my puppy dog from home". Gosh we mums have to stay on our toes don't we?? With songs like "Sexy & I Know It" on the radio, do you sing along or make it taboo?? We just sing along as they're only going to hear it in the next shop, car, class room!! Love Posie

  2. SO sweet! Your blog is just lovely; I'm a new follower!, Yes, they learn SO mnay interesting things in school ~ (Mom to a 37, 32, 25, & a 17) ♥

  3. It's almost like school sucks all the whimsy out of life. Sigh. x

  4. The secret to school is the realisation that it isn't actually about the kids learning and living through it. It is about the parents learning and living through it. What we learn about our kids, ourselves and how we manage to survive, and hopefully thrive at school the send time around.

  5. My Mr 5 came home after his first week and told me he played 'cheaters' at school. My head exploded at all the horrible connotations of that word ... and then he explained that he was a cheetah, his friend L was a leopard, H was a tiger. I felt better after that. We're holding on to innocence while we can.

  6. Ohhhh ... nooooooo :(

    Last night I was contemplating which made my heart melt more, when Mr 2 says "I love you mummy" or when he says "Mummy you are my best friend". I think I might freeze him right here and never ever let him go to school!

  7. I am having similar issues.

    Day 4 of school I picked up an angry girl, she was horrid all night and then at bedtime asked me to tell her if I had been pretending to be Santa. SURELY NOT! I would never do such a thing, those other children must have been naughty, so Santa didn't give them anything.

    And that I am sexy and I know it song seems to everywhere, especially where it shouldn't be.

  8. In their first year at school kids learn so much stuff that you really didn't want them to know for at least another 15 years.

  9. I'm clinging to every last drop of innocence while it lasts.

  10. I don't mean to be negative bit it gets way worse. Your little angel will absorb all the bad parenting there is out there. When my teenager gives out a sniff of attitude, I remind him, he is not his friends and it just doesn't happen in our home. My little one has even been known to lean over and whisper in my ear, "bad parenting" when in the presence of a naughty one. Oh dear! A-M xx

  11. The cuddle club is fabulous and all the rest is both giggle and cringe worthy in equal measures, I guess it depends on where you are or who you're with when these sparklers come forth.

    A-M's advice is totally on the mark and I find more and more often the following comes forth from my lips "...that may be so, but in our home that's not the way we do things."

    So happy to see you for this first "Post Of The Month" Club by the beach.

    x Felicity

  12. The cuddle club sounds So cute I think I might have to establish one. It's amazing what they learn at school. Intentional or otherwise!!!

  13. My two boys are still too young - they're repeating only stuff they've heard from us so far :) However I wish you patience, as I think I'll need some in a few years! Stopping by from POTM, Femme au Foyer

  14. Popping over via POTMC :) I have two kiddos - ah, they grow up so fast by leaps and bounds! Your newest follower, Laura

  15. You will be surised what they come back with from school with tee hee.

    My little boy had gone to his first health education class in Grade 2 to learn about the body he giggled all the way home saying mum you are so wrong my doode isn't a doodle, its a penis & the girls bits are vaginas he giggled all the way home I was driving at the time so took a lot to keep my consontration it was a moment I shall never forget :))) & I use the correct wording now for all the quetions he ask's!!!


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