Sunday, April 22, 2012

Don't put off until tomorrow...

I have been lying on my sofa, thinking about blogging, for the past three hours.

"Must write a post," my mind said, over and over.

"Ah, but I'm so comfortable," my body whispered back, snuggling its left buttock a little more deeply into the cushion.

"Must write a post," my mind reiterated, sounding a little snippy. "I need to get back into the habit."

"Ah, but this Beaconsfield thing is more interesting than we thought it was going to be," my eyes responded, refusing to admit that knowing the ending kind of spoiled the drama.

"Must write a post," my mind shouted, over and over. "You'll forget how to blog."

"Ah, but there's always tomorrow," my toes replied, curling with delight at the thought of a clear day to tackle my work after I waved the boys off to school.

"Oh, bloody hell," my mind said, resignation in every tone. "If you must."

I think it was the resignation that did it. I got up. I walked to my desk. I wrote a list of all the things I needed to do tomorrow.

"Be a good idea to cross one thing off that list right now," my mind whispered, sounding all hopeful.

"Oh, bloody hell, all right," my body said, slumping down in my office chair with a huff.

And so it was done.

Never put off til tomorrow what your mind reckons you should do tonight. For that way, insomnia lies.

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  1. Sounds like my mind today. It was a battle between writing a post, and uni study and assignments. Uni won out, and now as I should be heading to bed, I'm procrastinating by reading blogs.


    There's always tomorrow, right?

  2. Replace "Must write a post" with "do some exercise" and you are in my mind...

  3. Keep a notebook handy and write down anything that comes to mind, that way, when you go to blog, you just type it up, and you don't have to give up anything else to do it. I watched Beaconsfield, found it hilarious!

  4. I am such a procrastinator, but I always have that little voice in my head. I was very distracted by Beaconsfield last night, but kept saying to myself 'get up and do something, you know how it ends'.

  5. It would be so could if we could gag our mind.

  6. Ah yes. I'm going through that right now! In a different way...
    - You have internet access for the first time in two weeks. You must write a post.
    - After two weeks, it has to be brilliant. It won't be brilliant.
    - Just write.
    - Not brilliant.
    - Write.
    - Brilliant.
    - AAARGH!
    - AAARGH!

  7. Sometimes I like to imagine how productive I'd be if I didn't have the internet. Then I remembered I was Queen Procrastinator even before the internet. I just tell myself I'm not wasting time, I'm "researching". As in the "Hey, look at all these cute dresses on Pinterest" researching.

  8. Lying on the couch, after the kids are in bed, I often think how much I wish we could really teleport. How good would it be to be able to get straight from the couch, brush your teeth and be in your PJs without even having to stand up!

  9. A ha! I see what you just did there. Brilliant. :)

  10. haha nice way to get a post written :)

  11. Just a thought: 'Never put off until tomorrow that which you can get someone else to do today.'

    I love that motto. Now must try actioning it.


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