Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fresh starts: it's good to be grateful

If you've met my sister Maxabella, you'll know that she's a special kind of blogger. A little bit crafty, a little bit opinionated (okay, a lot), a little bit pretty, a little bit practical. Her Grateful linky is one of the most popular weekly memes in the blogosphere, and I love the general... goodwill of the whole thing.

Having said that, I don't often join in. It's not that I'm not grateful, just that I don't tend to be vocal about it. Which is probably wrong. But there you have it.

This week's theme is Fresh Starts. It's something that I can relate to. It's been a long four weeks in the Fibro. Lots of stress and wondering. Lots of 'what if' and 'maybe'. But now a Fresh Start is on the horizon. And it's exciting.

I'm not a person who relishes change. I don't even like things moved around on my desk. I tend to have to be dragged kicking and screaming from whatever rut I'm in. Once I hit fresh air, I'm fine. But the actually 'dragging' process? Oh my, it's ugly.

The air is getting fresher. The skies are clearing.

And I'm so grateful for that.

If you've never checked out Maxabella's world-famous Grateful, all the details are here. Join in! You'll be glad you did!

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  1. You're a lovely sister Mrs Tait.

  2. Maxabella was the friendly face that I first met on the blogosphere, and I often (very often) visit her blog just to have a bit of 'ahh ...' time.
    And now this post has me all curious.

  3. I also don't like the change "dragging" process - ask your sister how she had to talk me through each change with grateful and I am hoping this is the last one LOL. Grateful for clearing skies is a good one - look forward to hearing more...

  4. You guys are awesome. I am a big fan of your family ;-) Great genes!

  5. Hooray for fresher air and clearing skies (and lovely sisters too!) :)

  6. Love new frest starts. I'm so comfortable in my own little ruts at times too. Change is hard but once it's there it's all good:) You do have a very lovely sister over there in grateful land. x

  7. fresh starts are usually exciting, I'm glad to hear this is the case for you.

  8. You may not be vocally grateful very often, Al, but you are vocally very kind, very often. Thanks for joining in this week.

    I am also (very) excited about your 'fresh start' and (very) looking forward to good times ahead.


  9. Glad to hear things are coming together.
    Uncertainty and I haven't had the loveliest of relationships.
    :-) xx

  10. I thought things had been quiet ... Hope you're ok and ready for the freshness on the other side!

  11. Oooh a new website (I've been back reading)! Fresh starts are exciting but very scary. All the best Allison. I'm so glad you're grateful for today!!! Xx

  12. I popped over to your website last week and was met with the "under construction" message. It's good to be grateful, whether vocal or not and I agree that Maxabella's grateful linky is a special one... Good luck with your fresh start!

  13. I love fresh starts, my life is constantly changing, new cities, schools, friends, shops . . . but we've decided to settle & having not moved for 4 years + i needed something new so we picked up little chicks yesterday, gorgeous, 4 days old. A tiny step towards our farm. My husband doesn't like change, which is hilarious as he's the reason we move constantly & you can't have a more dynamic job than being a soldier. Love Posie

  14. Are you for serious? All this time and I somehow missed the fact that you and Maxabella are sisters.... silly me.

    I haven't visited the fibro for a while, so glad you joined in this week and brought me back here :)

  15. Fresh starts. I love them. But I also don't like things moving around in my office. I try to wake up and think about three things I'm grateful for, but mostly I wake up bleary eyed and go 'bugger, it's 5.30. Breastfeed time'. Must try harder!


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