Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Working on a little project...

I've been working on a little project. I've dragged in some friends, got a fabulous team together, and hatched a scheme. To help.

It's getting close. Dotting the odd I (lower case only, of course). Crossing the occasional T (in all the right places).

Any minute now...

Stay tuned.

I'm bursting to tell you more about it.


  1. Ooo sounds intriguing... and any tips on parenting are welcome tips, especially the ones you don't normally read about! Look forward to reading more xo

  2. I have taken it upon myself to educate my bestie on such matters as she is not yet a parent but I suspect you will be far more eloquent than me! Looking forward to it,

  3. Exciting stuff ... can't wait.

  4. I have the strangest feeling it's going to be fantabulous! But what would I know... xxxx

  5. Love the button - clever Kate! Too much fun! x

  6. Bring it on!
    I'm hooked already!
    :-) x

  7. Ohh so many thoughts on this! Can't wait to find out!

  8. Sounds exciting! I wrote a blog post recently about my top 5 things no one warned me about. Cannot wait to see what you and your team come up with as well!

  9. Just saw the piccy on Cate's page too. Tell us more.


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