Friday, August 17, 2012

Catching up

This weekend I'm off to hang out with my Big Chill friends. The people I met when I first moved to Sydney at 17. With whom I made some of my biggest and best mistakes, and had some of my finest moments.

They lived with me through the various outfit/style changes that represented me trying to work out where I fit in in The Big Smoke, picked me up when I fell on my face (both metaphorically and literally), and laughed and laughed and laughed with me at so many, many things.

I haven't seen them in years.

I can't wait to see them again.

Have you got Big Chill friends? How long since you've seen them?


  1. Oh that's MARVELLOUS! There is no other word to describe it. Give that Setori a big smooch for me (!!) x

  2. Look over there... FOUR more people and you're kerchinging a grand. I bet you've been waiting for those 4 people forEVER. I have 3 to go to 700 on Facebook and then I have 2 and then I have 3 and then I have 2... 697/698/697, bloody hell, drives me nuts. You KNOW I like things to be neat.

    1. Sigh. I'd like to say that I hadn't noticed ... would you believe me if I said I hadn't noticed?

  3. I remember you when you first landed in the big smoke: shock of fab red hair, confident, witty and good with words. You haven't changed a bit!

  4. Looking forward to it Al! Been too long. Jerimiah was a bullfrog!! JS

  5. Give them a big smooch from me too. Especially those that I have pashed in the past :-) x

  6. I've never even heard of big chill friends, and no, I don't have any.

  7. The Big Chill is one of my favourite films EVER!
    With the best soundtrack.

    I have those friends. I don't see them very often but when we do, it's like we saw each other yesterday. Two weeks ago was the last get together.

  8. Ah I'm reading this series and after hearing you talk about The Big Smoke I finally understand the author's naming of places. He's from Australia I believe.

    Have fun on your weekend! Old friends can be the best.

  9. Love, love, love big chill friends. I have those from high school and those from when I moved out of home at 19. 2 different groups, but i'm still in touch with both & when we get together the only thing that's changed is our tolerance for tequila! Oh, and the length of my skirt ;-)

  10. My big chill friends live in Vancouver and we haven't gathered since November of 2011. Making plans but everyone is so busy.

    One of my friends, a writing colleague, wants to move to Australia, I think Sydney or Melbourne. She can't find any jobs and it is hard to look or know when you're so far away anyways. Do you know of any potential jobs that can help her get over there and stay?


  11. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME Big Chill Weekend! Lacked the death of a friend (fortunately), unless you count celebrating your 44yo friends wedding. Our sub plots were a little simpler, but we laughed a lot more. No celebrities (except you, Allison) jumping into cars. No issues with drugs, childlessness, impotence (in fact quite the opposite). Just endless hysterical stories of another time. I couldn't do it every week, but I cant wait to do it again.


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