Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Men's Toilet Time - and other things I learnt this week

Despite The Builder's loving suggestion this evening, I have decided not to dedicate this blog post to the subject of Men's Toilet Time. Partly because I learnt more about it this evening than I probably ever wanted to know. And partly because I am going to work on removing all that knowledge from my brain forthwith.

Instead, I shall revert to that old faithful, and share with you all the things that I have learnt over the past week or so.

1. Men's Toilet Time is a long and involved subject. It involves considerations that I would never have ... considered. And I for one am glad that I choose to do my reading elsewhere.

2. Five year old boys are the most deliciously maddening creatures ever invented. Even more so than four year old boys, which is saying something. How can one small person be so utterly, utterly revolting one minute and so incredibly delightful the next? It must be exhausting.

3. Dolores Umbridge is possibly one of J.K. Rowling's best characters. My lip curls into a sneer every time I read her name. Mr8 is intoxicated with Harry Number Five and cannot believe how big he is for managing to be halfway through such an enormous tome. Really, it's all about size, isn't it?

4. Women are their own worst enemies when it comes to selling themselves. Of course you can do it. You are already doing it, it's just called something else. Men do not have these doubts (clearly they use all that Toilet Time for positive affirmations).

5. The Spice Girls are very hard to explain to anyone who has never seen them before.

6. It is possible to feel unbelievably happy for someone you've never met. I was beyond thrilled for Anna Meares when she won her gold medal. Hers touched me like no-one else's.

7. People are amazingly generous with the time, knowledge and expertise if you ask them the right way. Really.

8. I need to drink more water. It is possible that I need to sign up for a two-hourly reminder. I must remember to ask Maxabella for a recommendation.

9. I am finally at the point where I can see through the weeds to the trees with my new garden. I was out there watering it this evening, breathing deeply as the scent of the salvias rose on the mist from the hose, and I thought how blessed I am.

10. It occurs to me that with one husband and two boys in my home, I am in for many, many years of Men's Toilet Time ahead. Sob.

What did you learn this week?

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  1. Love the Spice Girl comment - because I had the same trouble too!

  2. Oh yes, Anna brought me to tears too. Actually a lot of the athletes did. Okay, the truth is I cry when I see anyone overjoyed! Emotional much?

  3. Anna Meares brought me undone too. Beating Victoria Pendleton in that Women's Sprint was a very big deal for soooo many reasons. I still can't believe she did it!!

    And #8. PMSL :)

  4. I teared up at so many olympic medals I lost count.. will miss it so much. There are lots of things that needed explaining from the closing ceremony but above all I was very proud of the homeland.

    So far this week all I have learnt is that I don't like having to whip people into line.. x

  5. Of course you do know what happens when you drink water every two hours don't you? More toilet time!! x

  6. I still get excited when I read a big book. Like I'm running a marathon or something. Wally Lamb's my biggest at around 900 pages, and it gave me an excellent arm workout. What's your biggest Al?

    1. Hmmm. Not sure. Does the Lord of the Rings count? Not sure how many pages each volume in the Game of Thrones series was, but the type size was about 6pt, so in normal-people books they were HUGE!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Oh, I thought I'd replied to this but no... I think Lord of the Rings. But the Game of Thrones books are all huge and printed in 6pt type so in normal-book language they are MASSIVE.

  8. I really wanted to be the type of gal who could remind my beloved family and friends to drink a glass of water every hour... but it turns out that I'm not. I know, it's heartbreaking. x

  9. I know some people who are extremely generous with their time, knowledge and expertise, and I just hope they realize how much it is appreciated. It all goes around.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Male toilet time is scandalous. Anna Meares has made us all proud.

  12. I have only two men in the house (one who doesn't even use the toilet yet) but Men's Toilet Time already scares me. My one strict rule is that the iPad (which we share) is NOT allowed to go with him.

    As for drinking water, I find getting up to get a glass is one of the most guilt-free ways to procrastinate when I have something more important to do (closely followed by commenting on blogs).

  13. I've learned that you don't really want to talk about men's toilet time at all..much! I do though..that's why I tuned in here. Young men (at my house) hate toilet spray..the bought from the shop variety..and love to use copious amounts of male deodorant spray whenever they detect some nasty smell. It doesn't really cover the odour up..just mixes it and makes it more unbearable...right through the whole house. Sorry, just had to get that gripe off my chest...I do feel better now.

  14. I had difficulty with explaining The Spice Girls too. Boys.


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