Friday, August 24, 2012

My garden of writing

I've spent some time this week rummaging about through this blog looking for things. It's like burrowing to the bottom of the toybox to find the missing Connect 4 piece. Or excavating the bottom of Mr8's cupboard to find his Ninja belt after he's 'cleaned up' his room.

In the course of said rummaging, I have discovered that there are certain themes emerging in my work after nearly three years of writing this blog. The slanket gets a good workout. I am very fond of Obi-Wan Kenobi. And I have an absolute obsession with gardening/writing metaphors.

To the point where I really need to get over myself.

In an attempt to do so, I have rounded up three of the better ones, put a fence around them, and put them in their own little patch. Specifically here. My garden of writing. (With only the slightest hint of fertiliser...)

If you ever need a gardening/writing metaphor, I encourage you to pick one.

Wa-a-ay back in the beginning, there were pumpkins.

The editing process can be brutal - but it beats death by 1000 cuts in writing.

And a hint of things to come: Small pleasures

I have also likened writing to weight loss, waiting, and washing.

But, seriously, how beautiful is this image of the first magnolia in my garden? Look at it there, backlit, unfurling, like the first few pages of a brand-new novel, when the idea is fresh and golden and the writing is... okay... I'll stop now.

What's your favourite metaphor for writing?


  1. Where has that photographer been lurking all these years? I'm glad she's getting her party dress on. x

  2. It has to be the best way to describe anything. I love gardens and flowers. And hello? A photographer? Beautiful! I hadn't visited for a long time, but thought of you, and voila, here I am. Missed you! x

    1. Great to see you Kymmie. And I got the flowers out just for you!

  3. Garden, flowers, photos of flowers and writing? You got my attention.

  4. Love your little writing gardens Al. And love that magnolia, just beautiful x

  5. Wow! That is indeed really beautiful. Cool!

  6. Did you say magnolia? Flowering? My magnolias haven't flowered at all, two years running. I'm not happy!


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