Friday, June 28, 2013

Weekend Rewind #6: Short

Well, what a week it's been. Down here on the south coast of NSW, we've experienced torrential rain, flooding, and that cold, heavy chill that permeates all your clothing. In Canberra, there's been fierce battle and political blood spilt. In Texas, Senator Wendy Davis stood on her feet for hour and hours and hours while the world watched via YouTube.

You might say it's been a long week.

Which is why the theme for this week's Rewind is: Short. A short post. A post about being short or short skirts or short haircuts or animated shorts or short tempers. Whatever works best for you.

I'm going with a short post. As a blogger, I think it's important to realise that you don't have to say everything all the time. Some of the most popular Fibro posts are just a few paragraphs long. Sentences even.

The rules of the Rewind are also relatively short, so that works well. Link up an old post for some new comment love. Visit some of the other links to share the love around. Oh, and like my Facebook page, if we're not already friends, because that's where I offer the first heads-up each week about the Rewind (Limited Edition).

Thanks, as ever, to everyone who linked up last week. I very much enjoyed reading all your posts about growth. The thing I love about the Rewind is the different approach to the theme that everyone takes. It's a great opportunity to visit new blogs and find new friends. Keep 'em coming!

Okay, that's it.

Ready, set... REWIND!


  1. Excellent, is this where I can confess to not really reading most long posts - tell me the message, fast because a short post is a great post.

    (Now I am worried some posts might be really long but about something short and I just offended everyone)

  2. Mine has the word 'short' in there somewhere, I'm sure - that's what the search said, anyway.

    Thanks once again for hosting us all, Allison.

  3. I'm all for the short post too. Must try to practice what I preach though!

  4. First week I haven't had a post that fits the theme :(
    Well I did have one, but its so old it doesn't really relate to my current situation at all so didn't share. Looking forward to next week though.

  5. I started looking through some of my recent posts and apparently short isn't something I do. So then I looked back through all the years of I had the blog, picked the year with the least posts, then the month with the least posts. Amazingly at that point in time I was all down with the short thing. Thanks for host such an easy links to join in with. Hope you have a great weekend

  6. Thanks for this opportunity. I found it hard to find a post so short, or about anything short. I think this was the only one!


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