Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Resilience is not just for kids

When Mr7 is cross, he makes a noise that sounds like a camel exhaling. Humph. Accompanied by squinty eyes, inverted eyebrows and a general grumpiness of demeanour.

Today, I am humphing.

A rejection email will do that to a girl. Particularly first thing in the morning. Even coffee can't save you at that point. International time differences can be a bitch.

The ending is not happy for my latest romance novel. A little side project that I wrote with a friend and, initially, received with much enthusiasm and interest from the publisher. Time marched on with no official acceptance. And on. And on. And on. Until we'd almost forgotten the entire affair.

Until today. When we were told 'It's not us, it's you' and given our marching orders.

I was disappointed, I confess. Not devastated, but sad. We loved our hero and heroine. They did too. But apparently our hero and heroine loved too much, and in too many different ways, to fit the particular line for which we were aiming. Not so much 'hot' as ' burning up'.

So we're back to square one on the Romance front. Will we do another one? They're a lot of fun to write, so maybe. But we both have other fish to fry in the immediate future, so we'll put it on the backburner for now.

That's the thing with writing. You always need to be on to the next project, even while you're waiting to hear back about a manuscript. It helps to soften the blow if the answer is a 'no'. And if it's a 'yes', well, you're just that much further along to publishing your next book, aren't you?

Resilience. It's a real buzz word in parenting these days. We're all trying to produce kids who can bounce back after adversity.

Writers need it too. In spades.


  1. Humph. (Are you sure there shouldn't be an r in there? I'm getting elephant, not camel. Camel is hurmph, but that could just be me).

    Hurmph. Humph. It still sux. And you are so sad that you didn't even find a picture for your post. Hurumphumph. x

  2. I tried to post a pic but Blogger is also humphing (is pronounced Hooomphing, so maybe it needs a total rethink) and won't let me upload one. Humph.

  3. Harumph indeed.
    May your bounce back be fast and defiant of the laws of physics...bounce higher!

  4. Resilience is rewarded at my daughter's primary school. It's no good tucking your head under your wing - on to the next amazing written piece.

  5. Humph!!

    Humph is correct. It is your dissapointment noise it is whatever you want it to be!

    HUMPH HUMPH. Even I feel better now.

    joeh-the cranky old man

  6. What a bugger! I don't blame you for feeling humphed. All that time and effort, you have every reason to feel deflated. Onwards and upwards as they say xo

  7. Ahhh, that sucks. Was thinking of you and your manuscript today. My boys blow violent raspberries when they are disappointed and cross. So, I'm sending you my virtual humphing in support but I'll also throw in a couple of violent raspberries while I'm at it.

    I really hope you and your friend will do another Romance Book.


  8. Re: the blogger error. I have the same issue sometimes. I just switch to html version and upload and then go back to normal compose.
    Just be careful not to insert in the wrong place - ie the code.

  9. Will send you a photo from the Thursday meeting with the editor! Anything specific you'd like?! Cheer up, buttercup. Onwards and upwards and chocolate and all that.

  10. I am sorry! I wrote a comment on another blog today, ( that applies to you as well. Although I have never had the pleasure of critiquing or editing any of your literary pieces, I have a feel from your posts, that the same applies. Good luck!

  11. What can you do except "keep on trucking". That's too bad you hit a pothole . No flat tire . There's plenty of road ahead .

  12. Oh no! Fortunately I’m really good at forgetting anything that is not right in front of me. So I’d completely (not completely, but close to completely) forgotten that I’m waiting for a rejection email too. If they can reject YOU then *sigh*… it doesn’t bode well.

  13. Bugger, bugger, bugger, bugger, bugger. (times infinity plus one) xxxxxxxx

  14. It's their loss I say. You should do a Stephen King and publish it online in a episode a week format...I'd be there to read it:) There's that minor issue of payment...but I'm the big idea person to sort out!!!

  15. Typed without coffee!!! Meant to say LEAVE that to the big idea person to sort for my coffee now :)

  16. Can't help but sing... Alison the camel.. Has one humph!

    Resilience is a good attribute to have. So is having a good stomp and a few moments of woe-is-me.. Then have a coffee.

    ps, how on earth does maxabella not tell you off for having word verification on??!

  17. Your Mr 7 learned that humphing from's evidently a speedy way to get the grumps out - and better out than in and all that.

    My Miss 7 does a fine line in internal anguish. Wonder where she gets THAT from?

    Bugger about the rejection. Something else must be in the pipeline...

  18. Have you thought about self publishing? Send a copy to book bloggers to review! I know of one good blogger who reviews romance novels :) Do what that girl amanda hocking did :)

  19. Ah, that blows! Rejection is always hard. Especially first thing, when you're utterly unprepared. Is there somewhere else your romance will fit? With a different publisher?

    *hugs (and tea)* Always handy in a situation like this.

  20. Yucky poo! Such a let down when you had such anticipation. Keep going though because the world needs romance.

  21. I remember one of my ex used to keep a small figurine of a rhino on top of his desk. I asked him what it meant and he told me that it serves to remind him to have thick skin. The world will always have a limited perception of your true greatness.

    That said, it still sucks. Don't let the bastards get you down.

  22. There is a whole lot of rejection going on in this family this week! A bunch of losers? Perhaps... or success is just around the corner? We will see. Humphing with you x

    PS The humph is hereditary. Nugget does the EXACT same thing as Mr7!

  23. Double Humph! Remember blackboard from Mr. Squiggle? Sounds like you are having a day like that. Hugs to you x

  24. Humph. Hurumph. That is not nice to get first thing in the morning.

    I made a little polite nudge to see if there was any news from mine,hasn't even started it! I am not good at waiting.


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