Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Another family is taking over the Fibro

Alla Hoo Hoo has moved back in. She went quiet for a few weeks, but now she’s returned. Without the four kids, who have gone on holidays with their Dad, Mr Pepples. Either Mr3 has a big future ahead of him as a writer on Bold & The Beautiful or I’m going to have to write that story about imaginary friends. And soon.

Alla Hoo Hoo is his imaginary friend. She’s not with us all the time. She just shows up for random visits. Last time she appeared, she bought three children with her. Now she has four. And a husband. It’s getting very crowded in Mr3’s imagination.

I’m imagining that Alla and her army have something to do with separation anxiety. Mr3 has started preschool and…well, let’s just say he’s underwhelmed. He informed me that he doesn’t love me when I leave but that he’s pretty happy to see me when I return. I’m not sure what Alla Hoo Hoo thinks of my coming and going as she doesn’t say much.

I’ve heard of children having imaginary friends before. Lola from Charlie & Lola (above) has Soren Lorensen and I love him. I’ve just never heard of a whole family of friends. And one that, apparently, continues to grow.

Fortunately, I bought a new handbag in the Big Smoke last week. It’s enormous. Just the thing for carrying squashed muesli bars and Hot Wheels cars. The worst part about enormous bags is that your life expands to fit them. Suddenly, I can fit in stuffed animals, water bottles, and sandwich boxes as well.

I just never thought I'd be lugging around a small family as well.

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