Friday, March 5, 2010

The letter of the day: L

A game of I Spy can be a great insight into your family’s view of life. Fam. Fibro played a long and involved game on our way back from Canberra this week. Everyone had a turn. Even Mr3 who can just about manage to say the alphabet but hasn’t yet realised that it has uses beyond being the words of a song.

Mr6 is a details man. His turns tended to be all about W (for weeds on the side of the road), R (for red lights on the posts) and B (for back of Dad’s head). The Builder is big picture. G for grass. R for Rail. S for signs. I would just go with whatever letter would get my go over the fastest, with the fewest hints possible. In my defence, it was the last half hour of the trip.

Mr3 is an L man. Every turn, he spied something that began with L. Only mostly it didn’t. Cows. Trees. Cars. If questioned, he’d just say ‘oh, I meant Lawnmower’ – of which there were none to be seen. The rest of us just laughed, knowing his next turn would be exactly the same.

As life philosophies go, it’s a good one. Play your own game, make the facts fit where you need them to, and know the most important things begin with the letter L.

Who needs spelling when you’re that sorted?

{image: Perth}


  1. All you need is Love with a capital "L." And maybe a Lawnmower.

  2. Love, life, liberty and, maybe Lindt balls.

  3. Don't forget lotion and laughter

  4. Thanks Siobhan. My mum thinks so. :-)

  5. Love this post.

    My only doubt is that ice cream starts with "I" :( *cries*


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