Monday, March 1, 2010

Finally, the end of FebFast

A little late with today’s post, but, you know, it was 1st March and, you know, FebFast is over, so, you know, I’ve been busy celebrating.

Actually, that’s not technically true. I gave up on FebFast on Friday night, two full days early. Went to Fibrtown’s coolest venue to see Lucy Thorn sing cool music in cool boots – and the atmosphere went to my head. Or maybe that was the night flowering jasmine, which fills the whole garden (told you it was cool) with heady, heavy perfume and just cried out for a nice peppery cab sauv as a counterpoint.

I know, I have no willpower. But I did have a good night.

I’ve since been in Canberra for three days (penance, perhaps?). My overwhelming feeling of the place is that it’s somewhere that offers a great lifestyle – but doesn’t seem to have much life.

That said, Fam Fibro had a great time. Because we did Canberra stuff, like visit the Questacon, go to the Paris Masterpieces exhibition, drink coffee, ride bikes and walk around a lot. We even drove past all the consulates just to check them out.

The highlight, though, was the Best Western on Northbourne Avenue. Or so it would seem. We were actually looking for the War Memorial. “It’s number 9 on the map,” I said, with confidence. And off we went in search. I was still confident, right until we pulled up out the front. Oh.

For future reference, the pink numbers are the accommodation numbers. Tourist attractions are in black. It was all very unclear to a person who needs to turn the map upside down so it’s heading in the right direction.

Usually, I am a good navigator. No, really, I am.

I’m just better when I know where I’m going.

Possibly I should have held out on FebFast at least until we got home.

{image: Pix by Marti}

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