Saturday, November 13, 2010

Second-Chance Saturday #2

As I have had no brilliant brainwaves during the week, Second-Chance Saturday gets another run as the title of my fabulous new linky. Not so new now. Three weeks in. But new enough to have a certain thrill, don't you think?

In other news, the linky will stay open longer. I'm still tweaking the format here, but it's been suggested it be open for the week. So we'll give that a go and see what happens.

Same rules apply: dust off one of your amazing early posts. One that you love but that you feel didn't get the attention it deserved the first time around. Follow the Fibro if you're not already a friend, link up and share some comment love with other linkyers. The last bit is important. No free rides around here.

So what are you waiting for? It's the world's easiest linky. And don't we love that on a weekend!

PS: I'm also linking up to Maxabella's Grateful Saturday. I'm grateful that she has a linky and you should be grateful too and head over there for double-action linkys today.



  1. This is a great idea. I think I must be overtired as I can't see the Linky link (D'oh). So I'll just offer the link here and hope someone takes pity on my luddite technical abilities.

  2. Thanks for the link!!

    I put my busy post in as it's come up a lot AGAIN this week... "I'm fine, how are you!!". x

  3. I would love to play along again this week, but my blog's a bit too new and I'm not sure I've got another post that qualifies...will put my thinking cap on :-) still think it's a great idea though...will join in by reading!! xxx

  4. Thanks Al, for hosting this - it is a lovely linky idea. xx

    I have coffee and a clean desk, and I am now off to enjoy everyones archives!

  5. I remembered! :-)

    And I like 'Second Chance Saturday'. Thanks for hosting.

  6. yeay, i love this idea. You are ace! now off to have a read of some other great posts x

  7. This is great - I'm putting up a post to celebrate prematurity awareness month (in case I don't get time/inspiration to write anything else, which looks more and more likely with the Christmas present panic starting here....)

  8. Sorry I linked and failed to comment (or post that I was linking). I don't usually post at the weekend, but the opportunity to dust off an old post was too irresistable!

    Was thinking that you could call it 'play it again, Sam' or 'write like no-one's reading, 'cause they weren't!' (the last one isn't very catchy. I might have to keep thinking...

    It is a great list of blogs and I have met lots of new people. So thanks and I promise I will remedy my tag-along status during the week. xx

  9. Great minds think alike, I had the very same idea a week before you:) Would be delighted if you came over and joined in mine, always good to meet up with other bloggers and get some of the old but good stuff out there:) Jen

  10. Apologies for not getting the linky thing title doohickey right, I'm new to this stuff. It's definitely worth reading though. No, really.


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